With the clocks going back we are in for darker nights and colder days as we hit November. The Great British Bake Off finishes this week and warm winter stews are on the horizon. This time of the year is certainly a time to cosy down with the family in front of the fire, indulge on warm delicious hot chocolates and pull out the cosy socks!

Creating more autumnal looks can help to usher in the cooler days and darker afternoon and help make them more comfortable for you and your family. Last year’s autumn/winter vibes were all about the desert. Rich golden sands and warm burnt oranges made their way into kitchen design. The autumn-winter kitchen trend for 2019 is more about embracing the natural materials around us and these will carry on until Summer 2020.

Warming tones like terracotta and rich earthy ochre are springing up everywhere from soft furnishing to ceramic tiles. Splashbacks and flooring featuring patterns are everywhere across the net, especially on Instagram – Moroccan inspired designs with bold orange stripes, yellow and terracotta ‘fish scales’ tiles seem to be the latest offerings.

Blue-hued hand-painted kitchens are still on-trend and will continue to do so, from a peacock blue to a stormy blue, they will all look beautiful in a handmade kitchen.

With a peacock blue, it can easily be teamed up with a lighter colour such as baby pink, preventing it from being too overpowering. You can use a deeper shade of blue for the accessories within the kitchen and add pops of mustard to add depth and break up the scheme. Stormy blue kitchens look great layered with metal accents along light woods and marble worktops.

Introducing outdoor elements to the interior of homes is still on-trend, decorating the kitchen in an attractive way and creating a beautiful relaxing space all with purifying the air making it a lot healthier that’s perfect for you and your family. You can also easily grow herbs in the kitchen space that’s great in cooking healthy dishes, but also to serve as natural beauty in your home’s décor.

Beautiful and smart appliances are on the rise for modern kitchens. Here at Nicholas Bridger, we are proud to be premier suppliers for Sub-Zero Wolf and we have 19 fully working appliances in our showroom for you to try out for yourself. Sub-Zero Wolf appliances are meticulously crafted and expertly engineered, bringing a professional quality to the home as well as technology that’s second to none. We can and Sub-Zero Wolf can guarantee delicious results delivered every time.

Boiling water taps that are sophisticated in every way are a great kitchen idea and finishing touch to the elements that made a great hub of the home.

Perrin & Rowe and Quooker products will definitely not disappoint, with the fabulous fixtures from both these companies still making waves throughout kitchen technology. Quooker has just recently launched a new product called the Quooker CUBE that provides a new innovation to the heart of the home, supplying instant boiling, filtered and sparkling water. They are available in an on-trend brass and a sleek black, as well as the most popular stainless steel and polished chrome, making a fashionable addition to any kitchen whether it’s modern or traditional.

Chairs and stools in a particular design or colour will make a statement in the kitchen. Black accessories have become a popular interior design trend for kitchens since last year, hence the bold Quooker black tap. The style icon of the modern dining room is ‘the little black chair’ that will suit all tastes.

Purple is an eye-catching beautiful colour and one of those colours that’s going to be a big shade this season. The beauty of using a purple is to create a dramatic story with equal comfort without being too overpowering.

Here at Nicholas Bridger, we pride ourselves in creating new and enticing designs to our bespoke kitchens to get the very best out of your handmade kitchen. Contact us today to turn that dream kitchen you have always wanted into a reality- we look forward to hearing from you.