A look into Glass Fronted Cabinets on a Handmade Kitchen

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Beautiful glass-fronted cabinets mix up a solid wood design and are an excellent choice in keeping your shelves neat and tidy showcasing your prized possessions. Glass can come in an array of shapes and sizes, but if a large area proves a little ambitious for glass doors, try building it into top sections of your cupboards or into a stand-alone dresser for a wonderfully elegant look. As we read on through this blog there will be many examples of kitchen storage with wonderful glass fronts, that we hope will give you the inspiration you are after.

When planning for your dream kitchen you want to think about the style and what will suit your own personal taste. Meeting with Nicholas Bridger will leave you with plenty of ideas and inspiration to ensure the end result exceeds your expectations and more.

The classic shaker in Potters Bar below features a clever symmetrical design on part of the L-shaped kitchen layout. Our client opted for glass-fronted cabinets in this section to break up the row of solid wood units and a place to store the best glass and finest china. A simple yet elegant design to this large open-plan space in the country.

Glass-fronted cabinets not only break up the monotony of repetitive, solid fronted doors, but they add both form and functional appeal to the kitchen design, showing off your beautiful dishware and ornaments. They can also create an illusion of depth in smaller kitchens, flowing light into, particularly dark corners and shining up those prized pieces. They are also a great kitchen idea to access everyday essentials in a clever manner allowing you to see what you have and where you’ve put things and are a bonus in smaller kitchens.

In our recently updated showroom, we have glass display cabinets on show for you to take a look at and see how they fit in with the design and what they can be used for. We welcome you to our beautiful showroom where you can come and look for yourself and meet Nick himself and some furry friends.

Styling these types of cabinets should be a delicate balance of function and looks. Just like below in our project in Whetstone. Our client has a clear vision of how glass-fronted cabinets should look and has arranged each shelf in an orderly manner using the symmetrical rule. This means if you have a group of 3 or 5 pieces, place the tallest item on the centre of the shelf with the shorter items on either side.

Glass-fronted cabinets on a pantry or dresser are a great and stylish way of showing off that beautiful set of china you’re proud of, you don’t want to hide it away in the dark! Adding integrated mood lighting to the dresser ensures your finest pieces are never forgotten and also provides an ambient light source when enjoying a romantic dinner or taste-testing fine cocktails with friends. When used in the right place, like a corner or where there’s lots of closed cabinetry, glass-fronted cabinets can certainly make your kitchen look even more spacious.

This beautiful dresser we built and designed for our interior designer client exceeded all of their expectations. Hand-painted in Charleston Gray by Farrow & Ball, it merges the look and feel of the kitchen with the rest of the living space. A warm and muted grey with brown undertones that create a warm, enveloping and hushed atmosphere in this grand open-plan space.

Glass-fronted cabinets can also be designed onto kitchen islands and handmade bars. Glass has a purpose of creating an illusion of depth and increases the perception of square footage especially in smaller kitchens.

This is one of our favourite handmade pieces we recently created for a client in Bishop’s Stortford. Due to there being two parts to the kitchen there was enough space to create something truly spectacular in the main part. This delightful bar offers many storage solutions, as well as style, perfect for this historic property.

Solid front curved corner cabinets flow around the bottom, with two drawers, and two frontal kitchen cabinets, all with a soft close. Above this, two glass curved cabinets sit either side with open-shelving set in the middle in front of an antique glass splashback, offering the ideal storage solution for the expensive glasses. Purple ambient lighting has also been included to keep up with the autumn-winter design trends of 2019, setting the mood and creating a story that welcomes friends and family to this beautiful country home.

Here at Nicholas Bridger, we pride ourselves in creating new and enticing designs to our bespoke kitchens to get the very best out of your handmade kitchen, we are sure you will find plenty of inspiration. Contact us today to turn that dream kitchen you have always wanted into a reality- we look forward to hearing from you.