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Franke was founded in 1911, and since then the company has been built on precision engineering and traditional craftmanship. Franke look at new ways of meeting the needs and lifestyles of their customers, and this has helped them become the largest manufacturer of kitchen sinks in the world.

Hermann Franke founded his own sheet metal business in the small Swiss town of Rorschach in 1911 where the Franke’s headquarters are to this day. Franke’s success throughout the years have been based on the innovative engineering, unique design and outstanding Swiss quality that they are known for.

At Nicholas Bridger we can provide you with outstanding Franke sinks in a range of different materials to work perfectly within your handmade kitchen. Franke sinks will be a part of your kitchen design and your life for many years to come, and we are proud to be suppliers of them.

Franke materials

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel sink from Franke is of a classic elegance design with real practical benefits. It is very hygenic and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. Stainless steel sinks look good in almost any kitchen and will certainly look superb in a handmade kitchen. A handful of our clients have chosen Franke stainless steel sinks in their kitchen projects, which you will see below.

Franke stainless steel is a little different than a normal stainless steel sink due to it being made of a particularly high nickel and chromium content, which makes it equally resistant to heat as well as cold.


The fragranite sink from Franke is a beautiful durable material that resists heat damage and prevents bacterial growth. Thanks to the design it brings an innovative aesthetic to the market with a minimalistic effect for any kitchen. The Fragranite is timeless and the colour will never fade.


The ceramic sink from Franke is harder than metal, scratch-resistant and super hygenic. The perfect blend of nature and design makes up the impressive Franke ceramic sink that suits all types of interior, and work surfaces such as wood, glass, quartz and granite.

Franke ceramic sinks are made in a tunnel kiln at very high temperatures for 20 hours. This particular process creates an extremely hard surface, scratch-resistant, heat-proof and impervious to acids and bleaches. A ceramic sink will give you years of love, and a stain can simply be wiped away with a little soapy water.


The tectonite sink from Franke is an exciting and unique material that’s perfect for a minimalist look, and available in a range of designs and colours to fit in with your design scheme. The strength and durability from the Tectonite sink creates a sink that offers design freedom and a peace of mind.

Franke sinks within our handmade kitchens

A stainless steel Franke sink sits in the heart of the island at our Potters Bar project below. The neutral colour of this double bowl sink looks great within the traditional style of this hub of the home, and provides an area to complete different tasks. The sink is met with British handcrafted polished Perrin & Rowe taps (the Phoenix 3 in 1 instant hot tap with separate rinse). Our client in Potters Bar will certainly be a professional chef in no time.

An ideal kitchen triangle has been created in our recent project in Woodford Green with a Franke sink by Villeroy & Boch. Below the Franke sink has been designed into the island to create a specific area for the wet zone. The double butler sink fits right in with the industrial style and classic shaker furniture.

An 1800s property sits below with a stylish stainless steel double bowl by Franke. Our project in Matching Tye comes complete with an undermounted Franke sink with a stunning marble quartz surrounding it, making it the perfect wet zone of the ‘kitchen triangle’ to perform the specific task it is designed for. We love how the period features create a beautiful feel alongside the popular and classic option of the stainless steel sink.

A large open-plan space sits below in our modern shaker project in London SW12. The island has been completed with an undermounted stainless steel Franke sink for a multi-functional kitchen. As there are two different ways to choose for your undermounted sink to fit into your worktop, our client has chosen to conceal the sink and create a sleek surface along the rather large kitchen island.

The industrial style kitchen below in our Sawbridgeworth project comes complete with two stainless steel sinks by Franke providing two wet areas for performing different tasks. The main sink along the kitchen run is met with a Perrin and Rowe Phoenix tap including a 3 in 1 mixer tap, and includes a double bowl. The craftmanship of these sinks create a simply wonderful design and aesthetic amongst the two-tone colour scheme.

Contact us today at Nicholas Bridger for more information on a Franke sink in your handmade bespoke kitchen – we look forward to hearing from you.