Add a Mirror to the Kitchen for Instant Height and Size

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We generally think of a mirror in the bathroom and bedroom, but a mirror design in the kitchen is a great idea. Why? Well, it may not be the accessory that you immediately think of, but adding this unusual decorative item can add instant height and size to the kitchen space.

If you are lacking space in the kitchen, a mirror can be on your wish list, oozing style and creating a great illusion. Sometimes budgets can be a little tight and everyone looks for something “that will make an impact”. By adding a mirror it will deliver an unexpected addition, a very much deserved glamorous feel and be cheaper than most other things.

A long tall decorative wall mirror that matches perfectly to the appliances and accessories is a wonderful idea, and this is just what our clients have chosen in their hub of the home in Mapesbury, London. An antique style mirror to match the chrome fixtures and fittings.

Place the mirror on an empty wall that divides the kitchen from adjacent rooms and it will give the illusion to anyone who enters, that the kitchen extends into other areas of the home. Reflect a line of pendants in the mirror and a lovely bunch of flowers, which will hit the right note on so many levels.

Our client opted to hang gorgeous chandelier pieces either end of the room with one reflecting in the mirror. The mirror has been hung in the dining room area where some of the handmade kitchen furniture will be reflected in.

If your kitchen is small, add a single mirror to the entrance to create a feeling of openness that reflects other features such as a chandelier or the beautiful handmade cabinetry.

Do you have panelled walls? Add mirrors to these to give a look of expanding space. You can also add mirrors to the doors of your cabinets, it gives character to the room and lights up the back of a room.

You could also add a mirror to a shelf for an attractive design element. A kitchen is a place where most of our time is spent, so make it look attractive using the simplest of things.

In a kitchen design, the sink is normally situated underneath a window, but if this cannot be done, then add a mirror above the sink. This will give an instant touch of light as well as a classy approach.

You could also use a mirror (tempered) behind the hob as a splashback. This will certainly make a focal point in the kitchen and add a glamorous, vintage charm. They create an illusion of expanding space and reflect the glistening light.

In this galley-style kitchen layout, there was a very large blank wall that was destined for a beautiful mirror. Our client chose a very large one on this wall in their dream kitchen and created the most perfect design with the ultimate illusion.

If you are looking for a truly bespoke handmade kitchen, look no further than Nicholas Bridger. Contact us today for more info – we look forward to hearing from you.