Green is a sophisticated and fresh colour that can be seen as a versatile hue that suits a range of tastes, making it a modern choice in the hub of the home today. It certainly is a fresh-feeling colour for the home and symbolizes growth and renewal when making that perfect tasty dish.

The colour green is often associated with nature and freshness, and if used correctly it can be an ideal shade for a kitchen. Choosing a crisp, bright and leafy or lime green shade can create a contemporary feel, while a paler, celery hue is an excellent option for a more subtle scheme. The choice is yours!

Decorating the home in this popular trend is becoming an essential element, with us being more conscious than ever about our health and well-being. It reminds us of homes in the seventies where green was popular throughout the home and houseplants connecting with the outdoors to benefit the air around us.

In this blog, we will look at how you can incorporate a green kitchen into your home and how you can add natural accents to the interior to bring in elements from the great outdoors.

Our client in Bishop’s Stortford opted for a unique green colour that works fantastically well with the dark floors, brass hardware and stunning Carrara worktops in this open-plan space. This dark green hue is a traditional heritage colour from Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire and works well combined with the mustard yellow sofa too, complete with gorgeous green velour cushions.

Pairing a green hue and wooden elements work wonderfully together giving our client a space that oozes warmth and comfort. Nature, of course, gives the best colour and texture combinations. The natural oak within our solid oak cupboards has a rich tone, which is great when paired with green doors, creating a design inspired by forests and other organic spaces.

Working with a bold, dark green is all about the balance. Mix in neutral and pale tones through furniture, accessories or other paints to lighten the space. Our client opted for white Carrara style worktops, crisp white walls and neutral accessories. A lightly coloured dresser sits just outside the main kitchen area providing our client with a beautiful place to store their pride possessions.

If you’re lucky enough for your kitchen to overlook your garden, soft green tones will be enhanced by the greenery creating a seamless palette. If you have a large space, pale green painted onto the kitchen cabinets and warm timber worktops will stop the space feeling stark making it feel very warm and welcoming.

Embrace aged finishes with a green. Brass, copper and blackened tones all work well with this heritage shade. Our client opted for brass hardware to complement against the green shade and provide them with their dream kitchen design.

Brighten the kitchen space with shades of white. We all know that white is versatile and can match with any colour, so stick to this classic hue when choosing your worktops and painting your walls. Keep the focus on the green-painted cabinets, it will help to balance darker shades and prevent a room from feeling closed in. It will also enhance a zen-like ambiance that is peaceful and pared-back feel.

Create a truly bespoke handmade kitchen here at Nicholas Bridger in a wonderful green hue. Our skilled painters hand-paint the cabinetry and then our fitters add all the finishing details. Contact us today for more info – we look forward to hearing from you.