Adding a Two-tone Colour Scheme to your Handmade Kitchen

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With the planning of the kitchen design complete it is now to decide on the colour scheme for your cabinets. A two-tone colour scheme has always been around, remember the traditional monochrome look of black and white. This style continues to strive throughout the years on being a popular design choice, and an interior design trend for the kitchen. Many of our clients have opted for a two-tone colour scheme in their hub of the home. I will show you their designs throughout the blog.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in our homes with it being a space that is used for most everyday life, so there’s no reason not to invest in the aesthetics of the kitchen design.

When planning on the colour of your kitchen your home’s structure and layout may naturally not work with certain colours. For example if you have a smaller kitchen or a North facing room, lighter hues would work better than darker tones, as the lighter tones will make the kitchen feel larger and brighter. Dark kitchens can enclose a room but can work successfully with a two-tone kitchen, so if you do have a smaller kitchen and have the desire to add a dark colour tone, then you can introduce this into a two-tone kitchen arrangement with a lighter colour.

Why a two-tone colour scheme?

Choosing a two-tone colour scheme allows you to consider lots of options that become satisfying to your personal taste. Uniform finishes aren’t for everyone, so choosing a two-tone colour scheme allows the homeowner to combine different colours and styles to create the kitchen of their dreams.

Two-tone kitchen cabinets work very successfully within both handmade traditional and modern kitchens, fitting in with Georgian and Victorian homes. They can make a room feel lighter and larger putting a real lease of life into your property.

Your preferred colour choice might be a dark hue for the kitchen, but it might not work by itself. Adding a two-tone colour scheme can create an effective and attractive solution for making darker tones work. They also offer a suitable compromise if you really cannot agree on a kitchen colour choice with your partner.

Choosing a focal point

One of the ways you can incorporate a two-tone colour scheme into your kitchen space is choosing a set of cabinets to become a focal point, for example a kitchen island. The island is normally chosen for this type of design scheme because of its central spot in the layout.

The light hues of the Blackened and the dramatic hues of Down Pipe from Farrow & Ball make a cool pairing in this kitchen below we designed and created in Potters Bar. The beautiful marble effect quartz contrasts against the two-tone colour scheme with the veins making a prominent appearance throughout. Our client has chosen to make their kitchen island become a statement in the hub of the home with the darker hues.

Light grey and dark grey hues fill this space below with a beautiful colour scheme where the island acts as a design statement in this kitchen space. The wall cabinets in the light hue provide a visual respite in the light and airy room, with the daringly dark hue working a treat on the central island. The main kitchen is painted in Blackened by Farrow & Ball, and the island is painted in Down Pipe also by Farrow & Ball.

The cool light grey cabinets which are painted in Inox are cooly contrasted with stainless steel accents in this hub of the home we created in Whetstone below, with the island being hand painted in a shade of humble provenance known as Scree. The grey two-tone colour scheme offers a timeless look that will make this handmade traditional space a warm and relaxing one.

Go darker on the bottom lighter on the top

Another way of designing a two-tone colour scheme is by using a darker shade on the lower cabinets with a lighter shade on top. This look allows to create a statement in the hub of the home and helps to ground the space, it can also help the space look larger with the lighter shade on the upper cabinets as it will help draw the eye upward.

The contrast between the sophisiticated Black Bue on the lower cabinets and the light beige of the neutral hue of Shaded White is particularly fetching in this traditional shaker we created in Bishop’s Stortford. The wooden elements create a real story too in this L-shaped kitchen, with aged-brass fixtures and fittings adding additional elegance to the final creation.

The apple green cabinets in our traditional shaker in Chelmsford below echo the mossy tones of the traditional tiles that work as the splashback. A light hue has been chosen for the wall cabinets to draw the eye upwards and help make the space feel larger, with an additional sky light to add more natural light to the kitchen space.

The two-tone blue cabinets in our Royston project below creates a mellow pairing against the reclaimed wooden floor and exposed beams. Pairing the two colours of the same hues has made a fabulous cohesive look in this open-plan space, workin in tandem with the polished grey quartz.

With a bespoke kitchen from Nicholas Bridger we can hand paint your handmade kitchen in any colour choice you like with the perfect two-tone colour scheme that creates todays kitchen trends. Contact us to find out more- we look forward to hearing from you.

Nicholas Bridger- with our Truly Bespoke kitchens, colour schemes are only limited by your imagination.