To complete this traditional art-house and kitchen design in Standon, Herts our client opted for not just any wine cooler but a Sub-Zero Wine Storage Unit with refrigerated drawers.

Why choose Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances for your home? Well, there are many reasons why these particular appliances are the best antidote to your kitchen. The products are filled with amazing technology giving the end-user delicious results every time and the industrial and robust feel creating a professional chef’s kitchen. Many top chefs and celebrities swear by these appliances choosing them for their homes and TV shows. From wine preservation units to, NASA technology, Sub-Zero & Wolf have everything to make your kitchen have the best possible features to become a professional chef in your own home.

At Nicholas Bridger Truly Bespoke Furniture, we are so proud to be premier dealers of Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances. We love designing them into kitchen layouts and homes across the UK and guide our clients in making the best decision for themselves and their kitchen.

Appliance chosen

We designed the ICBIW-30R Wine Storage with Refrigerator Drawers into one side of this galley layout to allow our client to host the perfect evening with family and friends.

Sub-Zero wine preservation units act not merely as coolers but as guardians against the four enemies of wine: heat, humidity, light, and vibration, so better storage for the bottle means more enjoyment in the glass.

The Wine Storage

Make a delicious combination of nutty gruyere with Pinot Noir, or perhaps a full-bodied Burgundy with creamy cheese.

This wine storage preserves and protects up to 86 bottles of wine, while down below there are two refrigerator drawers with ample room for cheeses, limes and other appropriate edibles, as well as beer, mineral water and other beverages people like to drink.

Have the pleasure of seeing your wines on display on shelves fronted with fine cherrywood. There’s also a soft interior light that can be used as a room accent too and the unit can even tie into your home security system.

  • There are three independent preservation zones that maintain the wine’s temperature within one degree of setpoint, holding wines at precisely the storage and serving temperatures you prefer.
  • Each bottle is gently cradled, the racks glide out smoothly in and out, providing access without agitating the wine.
  • Tinted glass protects against light exposure that can affect ageing and cause unpleasant aromas.
  • Constant, moderate humidity ensures that the corks don’t dry out and labels don’t peel and discolour.

If you would like to know more on Sub-Zero Wolf appliances and how to create a bespoke handmade kitchen here at Nicholas Bridger contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.

Check out our 1950’s Chevrolet pickup truck that showcases our brand and the Sub-Zero & Wolf brands. As we are premier dealers of Sub-Zero & Wolf – and it being an American brand – we thought it would be a really great way to get the message out there in the Herts and Essex area.

The truck is a Chevrolet 3100 V8…if you see her out and about give us a wave!