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We believe that with a truly bespoke handmade kitchen, added handmade features such as bespoke chopping boards and bespoke serving trays will complete the look and feel of your kitchen. We are pleased to announce that here at Nicholas Bridger we can handcraft beautiful chopping boards and serving trays in the choice of stunning raw materials such as Oak, Walnut and Pine to be integrated into your furniture.

Our recently updated showroom and a few of our client’s kitchens have been designed with bespoke additional features such as chopping boards and serving trays to provide a multi-functional kitchen to love for many years.

At Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Company we design, manufacture and install truly bespoke kitchens for each client’s personal taste and requirements. Pride is taken in each and every design and build of our bespoke handmade furniture to make a luxury kitchen of your dreams. Our workshop in Essex houses skilled craftsmen where your kitchen will be lovingly crafted in a beautiful raw material from your choice – Oak, Walnut, Pine or Tulipwood.

Bespoke Chopping Boards

The bespoke chopping boards from Nicholas Bridger are thick, sturdy and durable for all kinds of cutting and serving. They fit neatly into the cabinetry when not in use and provide a unique style. They also don’t take up any of your storage space. To get the most out of your kitchen a chopping board is a necessity because you don’t want to be going and chopping on that luxury worktop. They are also great if you are having a dinner party and want to serve a stunning cheese board complete with grapes to your guests.

Our bespoke chopping boards are truly bespoke to fit in with your luxury handmade kitchen all complete with a knob for easy pull-out. A choice of size is available to you and your kitchens preference with a choice of stunning raw material such as Oak, Walnut and Pine.

Below is our in-frame contemporary slab front style furniture featuring bar handles and bespoke Walnut chopping boards. This is seen in our newly renovated showroom in Great Hallingbury, Essex. Three different sized chopping boards are integrated into the furniture for easy access and a board for each type of food, as well as for different serving options.

Below is our classic shaker kitchen located in Whetstone, London. The open-plan space was designed with an island to divide between the different areas of the space. Four equally sized Oak chopping boards are designed into each side of the storage cabinet for easy food prep, with all of the kitchens essentials surrounding them.

Below is our traditional shaker Country kitchen located in Chelmsford, Essex. This traditional kitchen with a modern twist features four same sized chopping boards integrated into the main run of units, and a very large chopping board within the island. All finished in Oak.

Bespoke Serving Trays

The bespoke serving trays from Nicholas Bridger are thick, deep and sturdy for all kinds of items. They fit beautifully within the handmade cabinetry and provide a unique style to the kitchen design. What’s a kitchen without a serving tray?

They are truly bespoke with a size to suit your preference and kitchen, and are great as they don’t take up any storage room. They are designed with easy pull-out handles so they can be pulled out easily and placed back when not in use, with a choice of stunning raw material such as Oak, Walnut and Pine.

In our newly updated showroom of 2019 within our contemporary in-frame we have designed a serving tray into the cabinetry. Made from Walnut it sets beautifully against the sleek contemporary in-frame style and the light grey hues.

We now have these fabulous engraved serving trays available in solid oak. Also available in other materials as special order. What will you choose to be written on them?

Come and check out the serving trays in our updated showroom, seen here with our slab front contemporary style kitchen with handles.⠀

Contact us today for more information on bespoke chopping boards and serving trays, or pop down to our showroom where you will be able to test these out for yourself – we look forward to hearing from you.