For the last 2 years, we have been going through a global pandemic where it has seen us work from home on many occasions. We have seen a rising trend in home office design throughout social media as well as through our clients. Although the home office isn’t a new concept, it’s always been nice to have a designated area for all desk duties rather than everyday working.

Many of us have made the permanent transition from traditional office working to office life within our homes. If you have made this transition for whatever reason, you want to create a space that makes you feel inspired and productive each time you sit at your desk – it has never been more important.

With the country being forced into national lockdowns on different occasions, it has proved to both companies and individuals that working from home is a viable option with a number of benefits. It certainly makes you have a more improved work-life balance, and this is proven by some research where businesses were asked if they would continue to ask their staff to work from home, 80% of companies stated improved wellbeing as their main reason.

The key to working from home is creating a successful, usable and professional space that is separated from the rest of your home. When we speak to our clients they all have their own unique working style, but we always want to make sure function and form is combined with style.

The home office has proven to be on many people’s minds with Pinterest announcing a 425% increase in searches for “working from home office ideas”. It just shows how the world is adapting to the pandemic.

Known for our handmade kitchens, we also build bespoke furniture for other areas of the home. We utilise every inch of the room to provide stunning solutions for the end-user, so no more working from the kitchen table or a makeshift desk in the spare room.

After talking and establishing what our client in Hadley Wood was exactly after, we put together a cohesive design built with desk space, storage and shelving – the home office they deserve. We completed it in our classic shaker style and hand-painted it in French Grey 113 by Little Greene – a fancy, luxurious grey that bounces the light beautifully.

We built the furniture within the walls and broke up the design on each side with open shelves and drawers for adequate storage for their busy job.

We certainly built our clients a sleek and functional space that they won’t mind sitting in all day while they work from home. To keep the area fresh, a wooden worktop was chosen to contrast the soft furnishings and linen wallpaper.

Are you starting fresh in a spare room or seeking some home office ideas? Contact us today for more info about building a bespoke office in your home – we look forward to hearing from you. We will work with you and your style to create a suitable space to work in.