The colour blue can be represented as a cold shade or a warm and comforting hue. To stick to the current trend of blue at the moment, use high strength and muted blues that deliver serenity and comfort to your home. Blue kitchens have been a growing trend since 2018, with it being the most versatile of all colour groups, naturally offering security, longevity, depth and calmness to create the perfect hub of the home. Blue represents the sky and the sea, but also space and infinity.

Below we take a look at some of the blue hues from Little Greene’s palette.

Pale blues

The popular pale blues from Little Greene are Bone China Blue and Delicate Blue. They are popular because of the inclusion of a hint of another colour that makes them the perfect partner to many other hues. Light blue paint colours can be restful and easy on the eye, making us think of the sea and sky.

South and west-facing rooms will benefit from the warm light that will shine through in the middle and end of the day. Whereas those east-facing rooms could well benefit from a warmer colour.

Bone China Blue Pale

A really pale blue that has a grey undertone to it. Perfect if you want a grey colour scheme but with hints of blue.

Delicate Blue

A linen-blue shade that will intensify considerably when used with a brighter white. Accessorise it well and it will fit within a range of styles and welcome a delicate charm within the kitchen space.

Green-based blues

These green-based blues add a distinct air of excitement to any project. The classic Air Force Blue is a mid-strength blue with high pigment complexity, that combines well with Pink Slip, French Grey-Mid, red furnishings and gold. If you are looking for a more strong and vibrant hue, Marine can be paired to great effect with warm mid-strength greys like French Grey, Limestone or Mortar.

Aquamarine – Deep

A shade used with pale and mid browns, both for contrasting walls and in furniture and accessories.

Air Force Blue

Air Force Blue is in fact a generic term for a multitude of shades, mixed by individual squadrons. This version is deeper and richer than some; even more when used on the walls of a room.

Marine Blue

Perfect for a west-facing room combined with a pale grey and coral red.

Muted blues

Popular muted blues from the palette are most accommodating and easy to use because of the inclusion of grey in the formulation. Celestial Blue is a heavenly muted blue with a dash of green making a beautiful and restful ambience in the living space of an open-plan room and can be paired with a strong blue for added drama.

Celestial Blue

A dusky variant of Sky Blue found on a rare surviving paint colour card from 1807.

Grey Stone

Just because it has grey in the name don’t be fooled, this shade is undoubtedly blue. Celestial in spirit yet completely down-to-earth.

Juniper Ash

A gorgeous blue, with warmth and intimacy without being overwhelming by its presence.

The kitchen island in the Hadley Wood project was hand-painted in Juniper Ash.

Strong blues

Strong blues from the palette such as Dock Blue and Basalt are fantastic colours to pair with both chrome and brass fixtures and fittings. These classic, black, strong blues provide popular curb appeal and serve well in rooms with greater activity such as the kitchen.

Dock Blue

A deep indigo hue that is generous and indulgent, though a little warmer than its greener sister shade, Royal Navy. It certainly will give you a wow factor!

This bespoke kitchen in Saltby has been hand-painted in Dock Blue.


A timeless blue-black with dramatic qualities to provide a statement piece.

Basalt has been incorporated into this bespoke kitchen in Hatfield Broad Oak – hand-painted onto the pantry cupboard and island, making beautiful features within the space.

In this open-plan space, the kitchen cabinets have been hand-painted Basalt. What a statement the furniture looks against that stunning brick wall.

Royal Navy

A charismatic alternative to dark grey or black in a neutral colour scheme. It will add drama to the story you are creating and if paired with a lighter blue, an unusual contrast will be made to fit right into a modern traditional home. It is also a sumptuous blend of Royal Blue and Navy Blue making it a gorgeous colour to choose from.

This kitchen project in Clayhall was hand-painted in this gorgeous dark blue colour – Royal Navy.

We love painting our handmade kitchens in colours that are on-trend and what they deserve. We paint our kitchens on-site with a beautiful brush finish that follows the wood grain perfectly. Contact us today for more information on our kitchen designs – we look forward to hearing from you.