Design a stylish breakfast bar by Nicholas Bridger to create a space for snacking. Breakfast bars are flexible by nature and come in a wide range of styles to suit any type of kitchen, no matter the size. So even if you have a small kitchen, a breakfast bar can be the perfect solution to save on space, as well as providing you and your family with somewhere to prepare and present food.

Where do I install one? Well, it all depends on the shape and layout of your kitchen. You could add a raised or dropped one to an island, on a peninsula, or at the end of a worktop. In thing blog, we will look at the different breakfast bar options and how we have incorporated them into the kitchen design.

When it comes to the height, it should be 900mm as a standard but if it’s raised above the worktop, it should be 1200mm. Use height-adjustable stools with footrests so that everyone can sit comfortably.

To give room for bar stools around the breakfast bar a minimum of 30cm/12in overhang is recommended. It is also important to allow enough room between the breakfast bar and any wall behind it for easy access, this should be about 60cm/24in.

Breakfast bars are typically incorporated into an island to create a relaxed, informal area. It makes the island become stylish and practical, offering additional worktop space and storage opportunities, while also providing a social focal point where you can gather with your guests to entertain and enjoy a bite to eat.

Stock project

Our Stock project below can seat up to 6 guests around two sides of the island. Due to the open-plan space being a rather large area, the island was able to be extra long to be as multi-functional as it could be. The perfect seats were chosen from Vincent Sheppard, and they proved to be very popular throughout our social media channels with everyone asking where they were from.

Cuffley project

This was one of our smallest kitchens to date that was filled with Sub-Zero Wolf appliances. It clearly shows that it doesn’t matter what size space you have, these appliances will go hand-in-hand with the luxury kitchen layout. The island has been designed into a multi-functional unit where seating has been incorporated on one of the lengths with the other sides perfect for storage.

Barnet project

The size of the room allowed for a central island but our client wanted to opt for a different seating area with the breakfast bar overlooking the whole open-plan space. It was built on the back of the wall where the banquette seat lies and provides a comfy spot for 2 or more guests.

Upminster project

Our client opted for a contrasting material for the breakfast bar itself. An eye-catching countertop can make the kitchen island become the room’s design centerpiece and exaggerate the effect with the different materials. The wooden countertop was lowered slightly below the quartz to zone the different areas.

Winchmore Hill project

Extend the island with a breakfast bar just like our client in Winchmore Hill. It gives the same feel of a dining table with extra legroom and ensuring every inch of space is utilized to its full potential. The table is made from quartz with our handmade pedestal base beneath.

Potters Bar project

Split the two areas with different materials such as quartz and wood, elevating the breakfast bar slightly above the surface to help zone the kitchen. Our client in Potters Bar done just that with one of our handmade pedestal tables made of solid wood. It works off of the granite island top providing a seating area for up to five guests to flow around in a circle.

Clayhall project

Our handmade kitchen in Clayhall is every bit perfect and unique. We love how this seating area is attached to the central island by the gorgeous marble quartz. It acts as the perfect divider in this open-plan kitchen and offers a chair for up to 6 guests.

Bishop’s Stortford project

The kitchen seating in this Grade II period property is formed from the luxurious worktops that are found within this room. The quartz completes the island perfectly with the rounded edge and the soft furnishings that are placed around.

If you like to know more about our bespoke kitchens contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you and planning your dream kitchen.