Bridger Kitchen Diary – A closer look at a green Classic Shaker in Bishop’s Stortford

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A modern and versatile kitchen sits here in this north-facing open-plan room. A beautiful historic alcove is seen to house the main kitchen. This is the old post house, where the walls cannot be removed. We came up with the perfect L-shaped layout with a small island centred in the middle and three separate walls of furniture dotted around the space.

Say hello to this gorgeous green classic shaker style…

… found within the lovely town of Bishop’s Stortford

A great shot of the kitchen furniture fitting perfectly within the space available and the surrounding areas. Our client chose a unique green colour which is Goblin by Little Greene.

The colour Goblin is named after Mr Charles Paget Wade, an architect, artist, poet and collector. He loved design, craftmanship and colour when he was just 7 years old. He was known as a mischievous character when living in a small garden cottage and his neighbour described him as ‘half a goblin’, as she ‘didn’t like the way he would laugh to himself’.

A dressing table sits just off of the main kitchen that’s filled with books, ornaments and sentimental photos, fitting beautifully amongst the brick work.

The kitchen layout and green hue work fantastically well with the dark wooden floors, brass hardware and the stunning Carrara worktops.

This kitchen is luckily enough to have a few windows and a door that allows lots of natural sunlight in.

A lovely side shot onto the two main kitchen runs featuring a double farmhouse sink and beautiful brass taps with the magnificent range cooker head-on.

A Wolf gourmet toaster sits pride position in its own spot, including many features to give you precise, consistent results every time.

The only appliance on show is the beautiful range cooker stealing the limelight, integrated into the brickwork and nestled between a glass-fronted cabinet and the fridge, finished with a Carrara marble splashback and a bespoke mantle above, perfect for the clock.

The island is just the right size for the space, featuring a slim wine cooler and a convenient recycling bin system. The Carrara worktop styles the island perfectly with a circular edge one side that allows for an overhang for seating and unique design.

In this unique kitchen, the furniture wraps around the wall to create a flexible L-shaped layout with a handy worksurface centrally between the sink and fridge. This is one of the pantries in a floor-to-ceiling design and our popular classic shaker style.

We are loving the gorgeous mustard sofa to the left. It blends perfectly within this beautiful green hue.

This gorgeous row of kitchen cabinets is broken up with the stunning and popular Carrara marble quartz and the Wolf blender. The day/breakfast pantry sits here with three additional drawers next to it.

The Wolf blender will change the way you prepare foods. This multi-tasking kitchen must-have will chop vegetables, puree sauces, whip cream churn butter, grind grains and create smoothies beyond compare. Craft whatever you crave and open up new worlds of taste and nutrition in your kitchen.

A fully integrated fridge sits amongst one of the legs complete with furniture doors, which is a fantastic idea for a more orderly and neat kitchen. We even built a storage compartment above, to hide our client’s reusable bags.

We can also see fully the open-plan space and the seating arrangments in this hub of the home. With a lovely relaxing area where our client can retreat to with a friend for a coffee or sit quietly and enjoy a good book.

We are loving the window bench!

What a handy bespoke cupboard built into the kitchen design. It houses many of our client’s kitchen essentials and a place to store everything together.

We love this pantry cupboard as it turns into a breakfast pantry too. Artisan shelves fill the space and spice racks hang on the back of the doors for easy selection for the perfect dish. Three drawers sit below for more storage.

If you are looking for a bespoke handmade kitchen that’s ideal to suit your space and personality, look no further than Nicholas Bridger. Contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.