Bridger Kitchen Diary – A closer look at the Classic Shaker in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex

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What you see here in this fairytale home is a kitchen that elevates functionality, style and design all throughout our bespoke Classic Shaker furniture. A modern extension has been built on to the existing property where many of the traditional features can be seen, such as exposed solid wooden beams.

We welcome you into this stunning property filled with our bespoke furniture in a galley layout and a two-tone colour scheme…

…nestled in the village of Hatfield Broad Oak.


This galley kitchen tells a beautiful story of how this family has opened up their space to incorporate their personality throughout the style. The colours used in this handmade kitchen are the Basalt 221 and French Grey Mid 162, both by Little Greene. A gorgeous combination and one to remember!

Basalt is a timeless blue-black and can be seen hand-painted on the island and day pantry, for a dramatic and bold look. French Grey Mid is the lighter shade of their French Grey and is a soft neutral shade of a heritage paint classic, which can be seen hand-painted on the rest of the kitchen units.

The light and dark painted cabinets really ooze style in this kitchen design where there are recessed panel doors, flat-fronted drawers on the blue furniture and recessed panel drawers on the French Grey furniture. There is also a Georgian style beading to the panels and equipped with a traditional butt-hinge style for a more classic look and feel.

Many intelligent appliances sit amongst the kitchen cabinets, like a bank of Miele ovens with warming drawers to match and an island complete with a fair-sized wine cooler and a sleek induction hob.

Even an integrated bespoke cooker hood sits in the ceiling of this kitchen renovation, eliminating smoke and odours to ensure that it’s an enjoyable space.

A lovely shot of the whole overall view of the open-plan space. A cosy retreat can be seen in the corner where our client and their family and friends can retire to and unwind after a delicious dinner that can be eaten at the table behind. Can you spot the animal print and the exposed wooden beams?

Armac Martin handles complete the fronts of the units in a polished chrome finish. The cabinet pull handle is from the Withenshaw collection and the cabinet knobs are the Queslett with a rectangular backplate.

To form a seating area on the island, the Carrara marble quartz has been mitred to a curved radius from the wall and an adequate overhang.

Lots of storage solutions have been added and a Caple wine fridge to store the other wine bottles in a control temperature unit.

The floor chosen is of a light grey slate tile that marries in perfectly with the other elements of this kitchen.

The island also houses a recycling bin system that is useful for the whole family. Easy to pull out and separate the rubbish into their correct compartments. These have become popular in our kitchen projects.

There’s nothing better than the marriage of a bespoke space and bespoke furniture! This shot is from the dining table, where you can clearly see that the space has been bought all together with more natural light than you can imagine and an elegant style. Layered lighting is set up in the perfect way, with different lights lighting up different parts.

We love the brick wall too!

Separate from the main kitchen is this day pantry that’s hand-painted in Basalt 221 by Little Greene and provides our client and their family a cupboard full of the best essentials. This bespoke cabinet brings to life the beautiful element of the triangular window above, complete with traditional cornices and a cold-shelf made up of a White Carrara Quartz.

Here is the day pantry fully open! Now just look at how beautifully designed it can be inside, filled with bespoke artisan spice racks and open shelving to organise in a simple and easy way.

Below the day pantry sits 3 solid wooden drawers that are of different size for each of the kitchens essentials. It is so handy to have everything in one place.

Here is the breakfast pantry below that we included in our client’s main kitchen run. It’s filled with open-shelving and a cold-shelf for the toaster with power outlets for other gadgets. This pantry can be opened up into the main kitchen with the hinged back door and shut away when not in use, creating a streamlined look with the rest of the design. We wouldn’t mind waking up to this breakfast setting on a bright sunny day.

A wonderful shot of both the sink areas that provide this home with the perfect prep and wash station.

The smaller sink integrated into the island is a Shaws of Darwen with a Franke tap.

You can see a Kaelo wine cooler here that’s integrated into the island top with a stainless steel crown. This great piece of technology keeps your drink perfectly chilled once you’ve opened the bottle. It combines a seamless design, patented technology and an incredible functionality that offers a fun, effortless and beautiful way to enjoy wine, champagne, water at the perfect temperature.

The main sink area sits on the back wall filled with a Kohler sink and Quooker tap, with some fresh herbs that can be washed and put into that tasty recipe.

Below sits more storage drawers for all the cleaning essentials.

Another great feature to this hub of the home are these integrated Sub-Zero fridge/freezer drawers. They bring convenient refrigeration to any room in your home, with a smart-touch technology that lets you control the temperatures. They have been designed to fit beautifully in this kitchen with custom panels to match the surrounding furniture.

Let us leave you with this view from the kitchen onto the garden space. A delightful summer kitchen that brings the outdoors in and makes us feel revitalised in every way possible. If you are looking for a bespoke handmade kitchen that is ideal to suit your space, personality and home, look no further. Contact us today here at Nicholas Bridger, where we can make your dreams a reality – we look forward to hearing from you.