Bridger Kitchen Diary – A closer look at the Classic Shaker in Whetstone

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A large open-plan space sits here to the back of the property featuring our ever so popular classic shaker style and a galley layout. The space has been split up into three areas with high ceilings to add more depth. Inox & Scree from Little Greene were selected to fill this hub of the home creating a light modern feel that blends the natural elements beautifully.

Say hello to this luxurious grey layering classic shaker style…

… finished with beautiful panelled doors and a utility room to match all in this stunning home, east of Totteridge.

The kitchen is a very large open-plan space that includes a lounge and dining area with the central island acting as a divider. It’s wide enough to sit three luxurious bar stools underneath and is the perfect prep area for our budding chef client. The Carrara style quartz overhangs from the edge with lovely handcrafted supports to match the traditional aesthetics of this home.

The wonderful island is hand-painted in Scree by Little Greene. This shade consists of a humble provenance, where the use of this grey was widespread in the 19th century as a cheap mix of leftover paint colours – the start of paint recycling.

It consists of a skirting style plinth giving a solid finish to the island with panelled sides.

The main kitchen run is hand-painted in Inox by Little Greene, which is a beautiful light silver, grey that’s cool and chic. It’s where the range cooker sits and the ultimate breakfast pantry.

Two large doors sit amongst the island where inside you will find shelving that houses our client’s pots and pans. Either side is the bespoke chopping boards made to order and to the right is a Caple wine cooler.

Three statement pendants hang above to provide accent lighting in this very well lit room. We are in awe of the amount of natural light this space has to offer.

As you can see this photoshoot took place throughout the Christmas season. It shows you just how much floor space is available.

The perfect coffee machine and microwave sit in the most attractive unit with bi-fold doors on hinges. This means they can be opened up into the kitchen space and be hidden away when not in use to retain the calm and collected feel our client wanted. A delicious cup and warm hearty porridge await our client for that busy Monday morning.

There’s plenty of space above and around the sides of the appliances to store mugs, cups, egg cups and a selection of teas and coffees.

The kitchen cabinets that surround the American fridge/freezer create what our client has always wanted… a kitchen larder, double too! Open-shelving fills the space for all the kitchen essentials and a cold shelf offers a place to store the toaster, which of course is fully operational inside.

Door racks are also seen on the back of the doors making them an ideal place to store bags of tea, coffee and biscuits.

When discussing the project with the client, they dreamed about a clean and clutter-free layout, meaning no appliances on the worktops for example. We incorporated the microwave and coffee machine into their own larders with the Amazon Alexa only being the visible ‘appliance’.

In this kitchen design, a stunning drinks area has been made with open-shelving and glass-fronted cabinets. Our client is able to show off their glassware collection and grab at ease when entertaining on that Saturday night.

The sink area is made up with a double butler ceramic sink and Perrin & Rowe polished chrome taps. Amongst the tap collection is the Parthian mini instant hot water tap, an Ionian deck mounted main tap with crosshead handles. This area also includes an Insinkerator controlled with the chrome button to the left of the main tap.

Our bespoke chopping boards that sit perfectly within the island. These have been very popular within our kitchens.

A beautiful shot of the solid oak drawer boxes with dovetail joints…

Make your way on through to the wonderful utility room we designed off from the main kitchen. The same flooring was chosen to glide smoothly through with the worktops making a stance in both areas of the space.

Here you find stunning panelled full-height doors with excellent worktop space below, extra storage for cleaning products and a handy space for the utility appliances. A Caple ceramic sink sits on the run met with Perrin & Rowe taps.

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