Bridger Kitchen Diary – A closer look at the Classic Shaker in Woodford Green

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The homeowners of this stunning property made a very wise decision on extending on the back of their property, turning a smaller space into a very large space full of natural light with an industrial style in mind complete with a shaker kitchen.

When looking and reading about this particular kitchen project it fills us with a breath of fresh air due to the lovely little story behind it…

This bespoke handmade kitchen was originally built 3 years ago for the property’s previous owner, where the kitchen was located more centrally in the home. With the exisiting homeowners renovating their property and building a huge open-plan extension they contacted us to keep the kitchen. We adjusted the layout with the kitchen furniture suiting the new space, repainted it in a lovely deep tone blue, all with brand new worktops and complete with glistening fixtures and fittings.

The Woodford Green project is a perfect example of how great a range cooker can look within an industrial style, with dark and light aesthetics. The colour hand painted on the cabinets is ‘Railings’ from Farrow & Ball which is a soft black with blue undertones that certainly transforms this kitchen into a dramatic and enveloping space. Polished chrome Perrin & Rowe knobs and handles dress the shaker cupboards with a metallic sheen and sit happily close by the delightful exposed brick wall.

With a large open-plan space the kitchen was destined for a central island to divide the different zones. The view out on to the garden is filled with as much glass and natural light as possible to get the most out of the outdoor space. This would make the perfect entertaining space in the summer.

Us Brits really look forward to the long-awaited summer months, and one place that is perfect to socialise, catch-up over a glass of bubbly and entertain whilst cooking is the kitchen island. We are rather envy of this kitchen design here in the heart of Woodford Green!

The kitchen layout has been designed into a single galley where the island acts as a run of units to become part of the kitchens functionality. How the layout has been formed, the trustworthy ‘kitchen triangle‘ has been designed into the kitchen where the fridge, range cooker and sink are at three seperate points to move around quickly and efficiently just like a professional chef.

A close up shot of the professional cooker hood used in our Woodford Green project suspended above the central range cooker, providing a chef-like hub of the home. Keeping within the traditional elements of the kitchen style, our client opted for traditional appliances in a stainless steel design to bring the industrial feel forward.

Additional seating is a must in a large open-plan space and our client has added solid wooden stools to sit in a row along the overhang of the island. This bespoke island makes way for the perfect informal seating area where guests can socialise while enjoying the lovely views of the garden and outdoor space.

The solid wood kitchen units provide this wonderful space with perfect storage to keep within the kitchen idea the family wanted to create, a multi-functional home.

Let us leave you with a full view of this stunning open-plan kitchen in the heart of Woodford Green. You can view more of the Classic Shaker here, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with your design ideas in creating a beautiful handmade bespoke kitchen here at Nicholas Bridger, that will meet all your requirements – we look forward to hearing from you.