Bridger Kitchen Diary – A closer look at the Modern Shaker in Billericay, Essex

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A perfect hub of the home was created recently for our client in Billericay in our Modern Shaker design. A large open-plan layout was the goal in a light creamy finish with golden accents.

Our Modern shaker design comes complete with a fresh take on the traditional shaker style with clean lines, and this kitchen provides enough charm and sensuality while managing to be both modern and traditional at the same time.

Introducing the Magnolia Modern Shaker…

…a relaxing space and an ideal multi-functional kitchen on the boarders of Billericay.

From the handcrafted modern shaker made by Nicholas Bridger, to the numerous seating options that were individually sourced, this large property boasts a calm and relaxing home with character, luxury and the personal touch.

Lots of natural light enters the kitchen from the garden, where large bi-fold doors open the space into the garden perfect for those summer evenings and a dip in the hot tub.

The most delicate of exquisite details have been applied to the kitchen design to contrast against the light hues and enhance the kitchen itself.

We hand-painted the kitchen in Little Greene Magnolia, which as you can see is a lovely creamy finish the whole kitchen adorns. It’s lovely to see how the kitchen blends into the walls to feel completely integrated, with polished brass Perrin & Row button knobs shining through. The polished brass finish gives a quality appearance, radiating a warm finish with coppery undertones.

The kitchen island centred in the middle of this space houses the polished brass Perrin & Rowe mixer tap along with the Cambria Buckingham quartz, which is spectacular and gives a much need contrast to the kitchen furniture and flooring, enhancing the kitchen itself. It also provides a galley kitchen layout with lots of storage on either side and acts as a divider between the different zones.

A full-height splashback was added to the main cooking area behind the grand range cooker to make a feature and provide a surface for all those spills and splashes.

A utility room sits behind the main kitchen which is the perfect place to house the laundry appliances out of sight from the main kitchen while being in the most ideal position in the home. Our client wanted a bespoke laundry basket in their utility area, so we added a nice solution to this space with our handmade furniture. We built a floor-to-ceiling cabinet with an opening in the middle at the top of one of the cupboards for the clothes to go in, and then a door below to remove them later on. What a novelty idea.

The walk-in pantry is any kitchen lovers dream. The kitchen essentials are stored in one place freeing up the main kitchen area. This particular one in our client’s home was built as an additional room to the kitchen space with a false wall and door and plenty of open shelving. How impressive! As we walk through we find a wine fridge, coffee machine and microwave as well as a neat and tidy display of cooks ingredients, and maybe a few treats!

A handmade bespoke dressing table was built to the back of the kitchen where a TV sits and glass doors with shelves either side to house our client’s most favourite pieces. This enables our client to catch up on their favourite programme over dinner. Traditional cornices fill the tops of the kitchen cabinet with the perfect finishing touch enhancing the overall aesthetic of the design. The magnolia colour blends in amongst the walls creating an illusion that the TV is suspended in mid-air.

Let us leave you with an overall view of the whole bespoke kitchen that fits our client’s requirements. A place that provides the whole family with a multi-functional hub of the home, a place that will be loved for many years to come, and a place that has been handcrafted by kitchen experts.

Even a fun bell has been added to the golden aesthetics, to hurry the children along when dinner is served.

Contact us today on how we can build you a handmade kitchen to suit all your needs and desires as well as fitting into the available space perfectly – we look forward to hearing from you.