Bridger Kitchen Diary – A closer look at the Modern Shaker in Standon, Herts

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Wow, this impressive traditional art house in Hertfordshire has had the ultimate makeover with our stunning modern shaker being designed and built into the large extension at the back of the home. What really sets this kitchen different from the rest and a first for us is two islands being incorporated into the space. Yes, that’s right two islands, both built with different purposes which you will see below in more detail.

We welcome you to take a more detailed look at this Modern Shaker…

…meeting a traditional art house in Standon, Herts.

Our client decided to renovate their home rather than move and it was the best decision they made. Original walls and ceilings were kept, and a large room full of glass windows was extended from part of the house to allow more natural sunlight into the home and become the new space for this wonderful handmade kitchen. The views are simply breathtaking.

To meet the traditional needs of this property and our client’s design flair the kitchen was hand-painted in Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball. Hague Blue is a deep dark blue taking its name from the fantastically coloured woodwork much used by the Dutch. The green undertones of this timeless, deep and dramatic blue means it sits as happily outside as it does in small dark rooms.

Blue kitchens have been popular throughout all eras and continue to as we go through colour changing design schemes.

This particular modern shaker is built with ‘butt’ hinges giving a nice traditional touch, and our client has chosen them in polished chrome to match the handles. The cabinets are flat framed with no bead, the panels are in-framed and shallow recessed with the plinths being recessed too.

The kitchen layout is a double galley with the two large kitchen islands playing their part in the centre of the open-plan space. Each end is used for different dining times with the two islands separating them.

A lovely view up to the front of the house including that gorgeous sink area. We certainly made our clients their dream kitchen.

On the top of this island is a Miele induction hob with onset controls and 4 PowerFlex cooking areas.

  • Smart Select – Quick and intuitive. The power levels and times can be selected separately for each of the cooking zones.
  • PowerFlex induction – Versatile and flexible. Large cookware can also be heated quickly and easily.
  • SmartLine element – Uniform and elegant. The Miele hob can be optimally combined with the SmartLine elements.

A sleek black finish sitting flush against that gorgeous marble-style quartz.

We love this drop-dead view straight out of those huge sliding doors. A magnificent garden awaits you so the kitchen can be bought out into the great outdoors.

The island towards the back of the room is made especially for prepping. We love the wooden slats at the bottom too and the dovetailed drawers on either side.

This view shows more of the stunning AGA with that beautifully detailed mantle above and around. This really takes pride of place in this kitchen space offering our client the best cooking experience and warmth in the winter.

It adds the finishing touch to this modern shaker kitchen.

There are so many storage solutions designed in this space…

A solid wood kitchen unit is seen here on this side featuring a breakfast and day pantry where many of the countertop appliances are hidden. The kitchen cabinet can be opened up to play a key part in everyday life and shut closed when not in use.

Our client opted for the Sub-Zero Wine Storage with Refrigerator Drawers for a tasty combination for their hub of the home. This impressive machine holds 86 (750ml bottles), while down below, in two refrigerator drawers, there’s ample room for cheeses, limes and other appropriate edibles, as well as beer, mineral water and all the other beverages you and your guests like to drink.

One of the main things this wine storage offers is it takes very good care of your valuable wine. It has two individually controlled wine storage zones, so both red and white wines can be stored and served at the proper temperature. The racks glide smoothly in and out, providing access without agitating the wine. The glass is UV-resistant and bronze-tinted preventing light exposure. The dual evaporators maintain constant, moderate humidity.

So raise a glass to wine preservation – and don’t forget that gorgeous brie!

The drawers are filled up with bottled beer for that evening of entertaining! What a novel idea.

We surrounded this ultimate wine cooler with plenty of storage.

Lastly, we have this storage unit that sits next to the Miele built-in oven and warming drawer. It’s the perfect place to store the pots, pans and oven dishes for easy reach and tidy organisation.

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