Bridger Kitchen Diary – A closer look at the Traditional Shaker in Woldingham, Surrey

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Our client in Woldingham, Surrey underwent major renovation works on their 20th Century home which they purhased not that long ago. They knew exactly what they wanted when it came to their new kitchen. Not only did we design and build furniture for a kitchen, but we also completed a walk-in pantry, a laundry room and an annex for one of the couple’s parents who live there too. We were so chuffed when this lovely couple turned to us for their dream kitchen in this breathtaking property! We really can’t wait to show you around.

We welcome you into this traditional shaker style kitchen that fits perfectly amongst the period home…

… on the outskirts of Woldingham village in Surrey.


The Main Kitchen

On the ground floor of this five bedroom home set amongst acres of land, we find ourselves in the main room of the home… the kitchen. Our client opted for our traditional shaker which contrasts beautifully with the period features and functions of the room.

Due to our furniture being truly bespoke it can fit within the confines of properties just like this where you are restricted to keeping the walls, doors and windows where they are.

The design is in-frame with recessed panels on the doors featuring a cock bead and the drawers are flat fronted for a modern twist. The plinth is our classic recessed design that gives the property a timeless appeal.

When we look at the furniture in more detail it was hand-painted in a two-tone colour scheme – Weald Green by Fired Earth for the main cabinetry and Onyx by Benjamin Moore on the island.

Weld Green by Fired Earth is a naturally wonderful green, perfect when used inside and out, featuring a harmonious, rounded, richly blended tone. In Old English wold referred to as forests and the Weald is known for glorious woodlands.

Onyx by Benjamin Moore is a dark black with little or no undertones. It’s a great paint colour for a front door, accent wall or a dramatic centrepiece just like in this kitchen.

This space really is truly spectacular providing our client with many bespoke storage solutions. As you look around this impressive handmade kitchen you will notice how much happiness and warmth is given through the material, design elements and colours.

To break up the cabinetry run on this side of the kitchen, we designed a bespoke glass cabinet with glass shelves to show off our client’s favourite crockery. Due to the nature of this property and not being able to change the room much, the cabinet by the window is built at an angle to ensure the full wall space was used, as well as allowing as much natural light in as possible.

Underneath the stunning traditional windows of this property lies a double Kohler Iron Tones sink completed with Perrin & Rowe taps in a polished chrome finish.

Very novelty these dishwasher drawers.

A uniquely shaped island sits central and is adorned with Polaris White Quartzite which is the stone used for the whole of the kitchen too. It is curved at one edge to add a different dimension to the clean lines.

This stone offer marble-like looks with the superior performance of the toughest granite, making it ideal for areas with high traffic demands.

A day pantry a little bit different and with a twist. Fitted amongst the windows and styled with glass-fronted doors this pantry was designed completely bespoke to our client. Jars form neat little lines on each of the shelves filled with herbs and spices and we are loving the arch-shaped doors.

The kitchen island is very multi-functional with lots of different elements to it. The bespoke chopping boards are a great addition, allowing you to pull out at ease and place above on the worktops to start meal prepping.

We also added different latches to the cupboard and drawer for a real traditional feel.

The kitchen features many award-winning appliances from Sub-Zero & Wolf which we will show you below in more detail.

Here we have in this section of the kitchen

  • Wolf M-Series 762mm Single Oven with Professional Handle (ICBSO30PM/S/PH) (optional black knobs)
  • Wolf M-Series dropdown microwave (ICBMDD30PM)
  • Wolf Warming Drawer (ICBWWD30/O)

All three appliances make up a bank built into our traditional style cabinetry.

Turn any countertop into a cooking area.

The perfect place was created for these individual Wolf appliances giving you a professional-grade cooking in your own home. Our client opted for the Wolf 15″ Transitional Fryer, the 15″ Transitional Grill, the 15″ Multi-function Gas and the 24″ Transitional Induction Cooktop. They were all combined to create a custom cooktop to cover the gamut of cooking methods.

To form another part of the ‘kitchen triangle’ we built in this stunning Sub-Zero Fridge Freezer 1219mm French Door with Stainless Steel Professional handle (ICBBI148SID/S/PH) amongst the traditional units. Sub-Zero classic refrigeration units reach new heights of refinement, inside and out.

On the main run of the kitchen and to keep the drinks cool we find ourselves looking at the Sub-Zero Undercounter Wine Storage with Stainless Steel Professional handle (ICBUW-24/S/PH-LH). Sub-Zero wine preservation units act not merely as coolers but guardians against the four enemies of wine: heat, humidity, light and vibration.

The Walk-in Pantry

Our client has put this walk-in pantry to good use with all the storage cupboards and open shelves being full up with dry ingredients, stock and appliances that are less used.

As you walk through the door from the main kitchen space you will see the Wolf Coffee system 610mm (ICBEC24) and Wolf 4 Slice Toaster staring right back at you.

A full shot of the walk-in pantry.

Carrying on from the unique pantry cupboard in the main kitchen, we find more jars filled with cooking ingredients, labelled up and organized in a neat and tidy way on open shelves.

The Utility/Laundry Room

Just outside the kitchen along the hallway is this stunning utility/laundry room complete with a sink, a vast amount of storage space and a home for the washing machine and tumble dryer.

The washing machine and tumble dryer slot in perfectly amongst the traditional shaker furniture on this side of the utility, making it a room that will be loved by all family members (even if it is a task room).

A traditional solid wood worktop is chosen for the utility room with a ceramic under-mount sink and polished chrome hardware.

The Annex

How to make a small space look spacious and bring the family together!

This annex furniture is the final part of our Woldingham project and is something truly wonderful for our client and their parents to enjoy. Absolutely everything you need in one place from the induction hob to the sink and tap, to the microwave, the dishwasher drawers to the fridge/freezer, it’s all there.

The furniture matches the main property’s kitchen – our traditional shaker style and is completed with a Walnut interior. The whole space has been utilized perfectly with even enough storage for the kitchen essentials.

The bi-fold doors allow the annex to be shut closed when not in use and fully operational when open with the addition of the lights automatically coming on as soon as the door is pulled.

We had to show you a shot of the dishwasher drawer. How handy is that?!

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