Say Hello to Big Culinary Dreams With a Built-in Oven by Wolf

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Like a professional chef in a busy restaurant, the built-in oven by Wolf makes all your dreams come true. It will take your guests to new experiences and culinary skills you only ever dreamed of. Top professional chefs love the performance, capacity, reliability and power of Wolf ovens. So when you choose a Wolf oven you know you’re in with a good company.

They are stylish yet practical, and the Wolf built-in ovens will make a statement in your hub of the home with their stainless steel finish or black gloss finish, famous red knobs (on some) and ten cooking modes for mouth-watering results.

In our showroom we have two fully functioning gloss black Wolf-M Series touch screen built-in ovens (762mm wide oven), and a gloss black touch screen Wolf-M Series Convection Steam Oven which will certainly bring a professional performance to any kitchen. They are sleek and look great all in a bank with other M-Series appliances. If you visit us, you will be able to see for yourself and we may have even just baked a cake!

Why a Wolf built-in Oven?

Wolf is one of the best premium quality built appliance companies in the world and they really raise the bar when it comes to built-in wall ovens.

With their sleek style, they are slim enough to fit into any kitchen design, yet deliver the precise control you need and expect, to deliver the most delicious results in every dish. Who says you don’t have room for a real oven?

There are two series within the Wolf built-in oven range, the E and the M.

The E Series makes cooking a whole lot easier and convenient. Built-in temperature probes and delayed start settings make it one seriously functional choice.

The M Series is quite simply the king of all ovens as it does things others don’t. With the Dual Verticross System it is the most advanced dual convection ever. It quickly heats up the ovens cavity with consistent heat, for delicious results sooner than you thought. It also features a Gourmet setting where it means cooking of prepared meals can be so quick and easy. You can just sit back, relax and wait for that perfectly prepared tasty dish.

Wolf Built-in Ovens

The E Series

60cm E Series Transitional Single Oven

This particular oven is new, and a smaller and slimmer design that is boosting with performance and perfect for a compact kitchen. Available in two different sizes too. Create a compact kitchen that a chef would admire by adding a 60cm induction cooktop and a convection steam oven to the mix.

Built-in E Series Transitional/ Professional and Contemporary Single and Double Ovens

The E Series range has been designed to give a precise performance in the kitchen for more cooks. Three distict new styles make the E Series a perfect kitchen appliance. The controls are a favourite of Wolf Chefs, and the designs are made to co-ordinate beautifully with similarly-styled Wolf microwaves and warming drawers.

The Transitional features an all-stainless touch control panel and slim tubular handle.

The Professional features a stainless-framed door with a pro-style capped handle.

The Contemporary is distinguished by a sleek, black glass front and slim tubular handle.

The M Series

With the new Wolf M Series there are many dishes you can prepare that you may have been scared of to try like a beef wellington? It takes the guesswork out of even the most difficult of dishes. The M Series by Wolf boasts the sleekest and most full-featured ovens yet.

You can certainly put that beef wellington back on the menu with an M Series oven.

Built-in M Series Transitional/ Professional and Contemporary Single and Double Ovens

The Transitional is a design that can be easily integrated into any kitchen design. They come in a stainless steel finish with tubular handles.

The Professional feature professional handles and combined with the LCD touch panel display with control knobs. The signature red knobs are standard but you can opt for black or stainless steel if preferred.

Built-In M Series Contemporary Black Glass Single Oven/ Built-In M Series Contemporary Black Glass Double Oven

A minimalist 762mm handleless design, with black glass and a colour LCD touch panel that creates a sleek look. It also won the gold award at the Innovation in Design awards.

M Series 762mm Contemporary Stainless Steel Single Oven/ 762mm M Series Contemporary Stainless Steel Double Oven

The 762mm Contemporary oven is a stainless steel handleless design that co-ordinates with Wolf contemporary products.

In this beautiful Victorian Shaker style kitchen our customer chose the Wolf E-Series Single Oven (ICBS02418TE) for a luxury finish, as well as a high performance cooking style, creating delicious results every time.

Here at Nicholas Bridger we work with Sub-Zero Wolf to create very high standards in your kitchen and to make sure a clean, linear look is maintained throughout. We are delighted to offer customers access to the Wolf product range. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Become a budding chef just like famous chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, with a Wolf built-in oven. They really won’t disappoint.