Exclusive to Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Co is the highly desirable Carrara Marble. We believe we have sourced the best quality and realistic Carrara Marble on the market, constructed from the maintenance free quartz material. This is to view in our new re-designed showroom.

Carrara quartz worktops are a beautiful accompaniment to your kitchen. As well as being bright and modern, they are extremely hard wearing, heat and stain resistant. Carrara quartz worktops are elegant and attractive in appearance, they are available in a range of different finishes which is perfect for freedom of design.

Many people are drawn to the idea of having white Carrara marble for their kitchen worktops, they are visually stunning but have various setbacks. White Carrara marble is a soft stone and is very porous, this means that they are likely to stain easily and require high maintenance. Carrara quartz is a perfect alternative as it has been created to look exactly like Carrara marble but is a lot harder. Carrara quartz is an engineered stone and is made from a mixture of natural stones and resins. It is very tough and can withstand chips, scratches and stains. Carrara quartz looks visually stunning as a kitchen worktop. The colouring is a white surface with a faint black pattern running throughout the stone, they are available in matt, semi-matt or high polished finishes.  A big feature is that they reflect the light exceptionally well and brightens up your kitchen. This is why many people are opting for Carrara quartz as an alternative to Carrara marble.

Here at Truly Bespoke Kitchens Essex, we can upgrade and update your existing outdated worktops to present-day charm. We can install and fit your beautiful new Carrara quartz worktops to make your kitchen bright, elegant and in with the times.

Benefits of Carrara Quartz Worktops:

  • Heat Resistant

Carrara quartz worktops are very resistant to heat. That said, common sense should be used and it is not advisable to place or leave hot pans directly on them from the hob or oven. It is better to use heat pads or wait until the pan has slightly cooled down.

  • Scratch/Chip Resistant

Carrara quartz worktops are highly scratch and chip resistant. They will withstand most scuffs or scratches, providing you are sensible by not chopping on the surface and by using a protective aid such as chopping board. They are also extremely resistant to impact so dropped pans or cups will not dent the surface.

  • Hygienic

Carrara quartz worktops are extremely hygienic, this is because the surfaces are non-porous and will not soak in any spills. This makes it hard for bacteria to harbour and for any mould or rot to form. Carrara quartz worktops are highly favourable with chefs and catering establishments, as they provide a clean, safe surface for food preparation. Cleaning them is also very simple, it is as easy as wiping over the dirt with a damp cloth.

  • Stain Resistant

Because they are non-porous, Carrara quartz worktops are remarkably stain-resistant. The colour and pattern of the surfaces will also enable you to spot small stains easily, allowing you to clean them precisely. Tough stains such as red wine, coffee, cooking sauces and food colouring will not soak into the surface and can be wiped away with ease. They are also very resistant to acids such as lemon juice and those found in household cleaners.

  • Easy Maintenance

Carrara quartz worktops are very easy to maintain provided that you are sensible with them, spills can be wiped up easily with a damp cloth and spray. Tougher stains such as paint, egg, cheese, nail varnish etc, should be left to dry so they can be scraped off with a plastic knife. Avoid placing damaging materials on your surfaces such as gloss paints, permanent markers, ink, paint strippers, wax and harsh chemicals etc. This will maintain the life of your surfaces and keep them looking as good as new.

Worktops and other surfaces made with Carrara quartz are not only stunning to look at, they are also very practical and make life easier. Given responsible care, they will last countless years and maintain their beauty throughout. The elegance and impressive hardness and durability is ideal for families, chefs, avid cooks and busy households with high traffic in the kitchen. Carrara quartz can also be used as a splash-back for behind the cooker or the sink. The non-absorption, easy cleaning and minimal maintenance make it a favourable choice for kitchen owners throughout Essex. They are also impressively resistant to damage, abrasion and acids.

Here at Truly Bespoke Kitchens by Nicholas Bridger, we can supply and install your Carrara quartz kitchen with our skilled team. If you have any questions about the Carrara quartz worktops or any of our other kitchen worktops, then please don’t hesitate to contact Nicholas Bridger and the team at Truly Bespoke Kitchens Essex. You can also visit our Showroom to see many of our worktops in our fully functioning displays.