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Whether it be a traditional or a modern handmade kitchen you are looking for, the flooring you choose needs to be practical, hard-wearing, and something to suit, but it doesn’t need to be dull. Flooring is one of the most important elements to produce a multi-functional kitchen, due to it having a pretty tough job for those muddy boots and spillages.

The trick to the ultimate flooring for your hub of the home is to think of the key considerations and what you will gain from the flooring you choose. It’s a good idea to choose the flooring at the same time as the cabinetry, so you can put together a palette of colour and materials that go with the rest of the decor.

There are lots of colours, styles and materials to choose from to make the space look fresh and stylish, but also great for your busy lifestyle. At Nicholas Bridger we create handmade besoke kitchens that are individual to our clients and fit right in with their flooring inspiration. Below we look at some of the different materials available and how they have fitted into our handmade kitchen designs.

Our client in Potters Bar below opted for a tiled floor that is of a neutral hue and fits in perfectly with the design aesthetics of this kitchen space. The kitchen island creates a statement piece amongst the light hues allowing the textured feel of the floor to come through.

The different flooring materials available


A concrete floor provides a great hard-wearing surface and is the perfect finish to an industrial style. This type of material can come in an array of colours and is very easy to clean. Polished concrete has become a popular flooring choice in recent times.

In our London SW12 project polished concrete flooring was added to the kitchen space for a hard-wearing floor for all the family and the different tasks it is used for. It’s the perfect finish to this multi-functional space. This kitchen is fitted with our handmade modern shaker with floor-to-ceiling cabinets for a dramatic effect with plenty of storage.


Laminate can be a replicate of wood and natural stone, making it a good choice if you can’t afford the real thing. It is pretty tough and scratch resistant, where lots of colours and textures are available to choose from to fit right in with your kitchen style.

Our handmade traditional shaker in Royston has been completed with a beautiful wooden floor that fits right in with the kitchen style and rustic features of the property, like the exposed beams. The hand painted cabinets in a two-tone blue provide a look that’s loved for many years, with the hard-wearing floor working well within the versatile space.


Stone is made up of natural elements and of course lots of beauty. It has become a popular flooring choice in the home today where it brings a wow factor to the kitchen and is long-lasting, robust, and easy to care for. Stone can be a disadvantage due to it being so hard it is not forgiving to your feet, but having said that there are many advantages to stone.

In our Sheering project below, the pool house was designed with our classic shaker style and a stone floor that brings lots of natural beauty to the space. The bold blue cabinets stand out against the stone complementing it beautifully and creating a modern look in this special building.


Tiles in the kitchen area are a great, low-maintenance solution and a common and popular choice. They are easy to clean and come in an array of colours, styles and sizes to complement your traditional or contemporary handmade kitchen.

In our Chelmsford project below our customer has kept their original tiles to match within their handmade traditional furniture. The property is located in a countryside and the tiled flooring is just one of the unique features of this home.


Vinyl for the kitchen is an affordable option and come in a variety of textures and styles. They are one of the most water-resistant kitchen flooring options available and can replicate lots of different materials such as wood and stone. A couple of the best vinyl companies out there has to be Amtico and Karndean.

Solid and Engineered Wood

Solid wood we don’t think will ever go out of fashion due to its huge range of shades and grains. It works perfectly in any setting from ultra modern, or to the traditional country cottage. Wood is very nice to your feet and produces warm aesthetics creating a cosier kitchen in warmer months. Engineered wood flooring is a great choice too for a rather large kitchen, and the plus side is you can add underfloor heating to this.

In our Matching Tye project our customers home is dated back to the 1800s where they have come across the original rustic features of the home and incorporated them into the kitchens aesthetics. The original floor boards have been stripped back and made a prominent feature in the hub of the home alongside the handmade classic shaker furniture.

At Nicholas Bridger we handmake and design beautiful bespoke furniture that will complement any type of flooring style, material and colour. Contact us today for more information on a truly bespoke kitchen – we look forward to hearing from you.