Welcome to March, where the nights become lighter and Spring is about to hit us with beautiful beams of sunshine and pretty petals filling up the outdoors. Spring officially starts on Friday 20th March which is only a few weeks away, so why not rethink your kitchen design and organise in a way that will promote healthier habits for the busy year ahead.

With us being fully into the new year we have already seen new trends around eating healthier, natural food choices and reducing our materials such as plastic.

In this blog, we have put together a few design ideas that will help make eating healthier and living well a whole lot easier in your handmade kitchen, as well as some recipes from our Food Vlog.

When creating a healthier kitchen you want to make sure you have the right tools to hand for healthier eating and food prep.

  • The Wolf M Series Convection Steam Oven is a versatile cooking appliance that allows you to do things that you have never thought was possible. It allows you to discover more nutrients and a very much delicious way of cooking. The technology within this gadget has a unique digital technology that senses the amount and size of the food being prepared and automatically adjusts the details of the cooking process to achieve results never been accomplished in the home.
  • A Quooker tap produces hot and cold water from the same spout to encourage all the family to drink more water. Whether you like an infused tea with instant hot water or enjoy just filtered water – the Quooker tap is for you. They have just bought their latest model called the CUBE which now dispensed sparkling and chilled water straight from the tap. You can enjoy a glass of pure fresh sparkling water in an instant, or make the most delicious homemade lemonades and fruity cocktails.

  • Blenders such as a Sub-Zero Wolf or Nutribullet will provide you with goodness on the go. They are the perfect gadgets to fit within your kitchen and provide you with your five-a-day. Use them to prepare healthy soups, sauces and smoothies.

The Wolf Gourmet® High-Performance Blender powers with precise control for consistent results every time. It will change the way you prepare foods opening up whole new worlds of taste and nutrition in your kitchen. It’s quieter and easy to use with a stainless steel finish and a choice of knob colour.

We added this to the Chigwell project

  • Spiralizers are an inspired gadget that makes giving up carbs easy, transforming raw fruit and vegetables into beautiful delicate ribbons which can be easily substituted for pasta, packing in your five-a-day.
  • Olive oil sprayer will reduce your oil intake and is believed to be a good way to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Purchase today and put in amongst your kitchen essentials in the pantry with your favourite cooking oil.

Combat Distractions

You may have a kitchen that is full of distractions making it harder to pay attention to what you’re cooking and eating. Encourage conversations at mealtimes by sitting together and switch off the TV. In research, it shows that if you aren’t focusing on what you are eating, it’s hard for your body to stop when it’s full, so you will overeat.

Step into Natural Light

High ceilings and large windows allow your room to be flooded with natural daylight making you instantly feel more alert and uplifted. Even on the gloomy days, if you have enough natural light flowing through the space, you don’t have to rely on electric lighting, saving you on costs too.

If you are improving your home with large rear extensions, consider the size of the windows and where you want them placed to maximise your view.

This is what our client created in the Upminster project

Create a Zen Garden

Indoor plants will help you create a space that’s attractive and colourful, purifying the air too making it a lot healthier for you and your family. You can also easily grow some delicious herbs in your kitchen to add to a healthy dish, but also serves as natural beauty in your homes décor.

A lovely little area in the Bishop’s Stortford project provided with fresh flowers and herbs for those healthy meals.

Additional Worktop Areas

Create additional worktop areas in the kitchen if the space allows it. The family can enjoy cooking together, helping to bond and the appreciation of good home cooking. Encourage young members of the family to prep food, it helps them to understand the importance of healthy eating, lets them try new flavours and make healthier choices.

Lots of additional worktop space and two sinks built into the kitchen design of the Golders Green project.

Social Seating

Island seating, dining tables and sofas in an open-plan space are great kitchen design ideas to bring people together throughout the day. These areas are great for people to be able to sit in comfort in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy healthy foods.

Two comfy seating areas were created in the Winchmore Hill kitchen layout.

Integrated Bin Storage Solutions

Within the kitchen cabinets, integrated bin storage solutions make recycling and composting easier. Vegetable peels and food waste can be cleared away instantly ensuring the work surfaces look clean and tidy even when cooking. Composting vegetable waste and other non-animal scraps cut down on landfill waste and creates a healthy soil for gardening.

In the galley kitchen at Winchmore Hill, a recycling storage bin was integrated into the island.

Add Open Shelving

Open shelving in the room creates an illusion of more space and makes the kitchen feel more inviting, without it looking cluttered. We have designed many kitchens with open shelving ideas to display items that contribute to the ambience of the room such as plants, fresh flowers, cookbooks and scented candles. They free up the worktop for other kitchen items and are arranged in a way to be displayed perfectly.

An open-shelf was built above the cooking area to house certain items in the Golders Green project.

Lucy-Jo’s Healthy Eating Recipes

Autumnal Risotto

Homemade Italian Pizza

If you would like to know more on our handmade kitchens and the perfect layout for you and your home contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. Create a kitchen that improves your wellbeing this 2020 and cook at home.