Is a single-wall layout perfect for your space?

In this blog, we talk about what the single-wall layout is and how it can fit into your available space with our truly bespoke kitchens.

This type of layout is brilliant for compact spaces as well as large open-plan rooms. They offer a more affordable solution to the home more so than other layouts and have the smallest possible footprint. The furniture and appliances are built into a single line, meaning fewer units and less cost. It allows for an efficient workflow with everything within easy reach.

Plan in an island parallel to the single-wall kitchen, it will enhance the layout and reconfigures into a galley kitchen with the same functionality. Many of our clients have opted for this design due to their space being large enough. It allows for additional work surface and storage which is extremely beneficial to a large family.

If there isn’t any room for an island, add a table for both dining and extra work surface, the perfect place for the children to do their homework. A table can also mark a distinction between the kitchen and living room, creating a feeling that they are two separate spaces. Other ways you can look at to achieve the same effect is a breakfast bar with stools or a change in the flooring between each of the zones.

The Cuffley project proves just that having an island in a single-wall layout enhances the look of the kitchen and reconfigures into a galley kitchen with the same functionality, as well as acting as a divider between the different zones.

The stunning traditional shaker cabinets feature raised and fielded door panels for an exceptional style and luxury way of living, while the drawers are flat fronted to complement the look our client is going for.

Nick himself will carefully plan your kitchen layout into the best it can be using up all the space available. Most but not always a single-wall kitchen includes a fridge on one end of the kitchen run, a sink in the middle with worktop space either side and the dishwasher and more storage beneath in the floor cabinets.

The oven and hob are located on the other end with adequate worktop space on either side allowing you to safely cook. You can also have floor-to-ceiling cabinets to use as a housing space for a bank of appliances and a fridge-freezer, but remember if by a window you don’t want to block out the light source.

Just like below in our Hutton project where a single-wall layout is formed with either end completing a bookend design with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. One end features the Wolf E-Series Professional Built-in Double Oven with storage below and underneath and a fridge freezer built-in around our solid wood cabinets to the far side. The gorgeous Shaws butler ceramic sink sits in the middle met with Perrin & Rowe polished chrome taps with plenty of worktop space either side.

A 3-metre kitchen island sits in front featuring a large seating area which is of a sawn oak finish. It is attached to the island in a very neat way creating the perfect entertaining and dining space. Below it also features hidden storage. We love the luxurious quartz worktops and how this kitchen design has opened up the wonderful open-plan living space. Our client can swiftly glide through delicately to the different zones that await them in their hub of the home.

In most cases, this layout features base and wall units above, giving you as much storage as possible. You could even break up the wall units with an extractor fan or open shelving to add a sleek design element.

Storage is an important factor to consider in any kitchen whether it’s large or small, however, in a single-wall kitchen, there are fewer units than in other layouts such as the L-shaped, U-shaped and galley-style. You need to ensure that you create lots of generous cupboard space and if your kitchen allows for additional storage, Nick will help you with this when designing your dream kitchen.

A large open-plan layout was the goal for our client in Billericay especially one with a single-wall run of units. The island was designed into the middle to add a beautiful seating area and space for one of the main points of the ‘kitchen triangle‘. The kitchen furniture is our Modern shaker style that has just enough charm and sensuality while managing to be both modern and traditional at the same time.

The kitchen has been hand-painted in a lovely cream finish which the whole kitchen adorns. It’s Magnolia from Little Greene and the Cambria Buckingham quartz is a spectacular hard-wearing surface that gives a much-needed contrast to the kitchen furniture and flooring, enhancing the kitchen itself.

When opting for this layout you need to choose appliances that suit any sized space. If you have a relatively small space it doesn’t mean you can’t include the appliances you want. Many modern appliances are specifically designed for smaller spaces. If you also opt for an open-plan arrangement and if your kitchen allows it, of course, choose wisely in the appliances you opt for as you want to go for the less noisy models. For example, if the extractor fan was on, the person watching TV or reading a good book in the adjoining space will be far less distracted.

You may want a clean and understated kitchen, which is a popular choice, but it can also work to highlight different aspects of your kitchen. Especially in the kitchen below with the beautiful brick wall. It definitely stands out against the dark hue cabinets.

The modern kitchen layout can be made to be a focal point in itself. You could contrast it to the rest of your room with a bold splash of colour. The Woodford Green project is made to be the focal point of the whole entire back extension. A vast, light and airy industrial style kitchen awaits our client here with plenty of storage and worktop space.

This type of kitchen idea is worth considering if you have a small space or an open-plan room where you don’t want the kitchen to take up all the room. There’s a lot to this interior design where we will work with you to make it a workable option for the space you have.

Contact us today for more info on a single-wall handmade kitchen layout – we look forward to hearing from you.