What is the difference between curved and straight cabinetry? When thinking of the kitchen design you need to think about the design elements such as curves and straight lines, they play a huge role in the layout, functionality and overall feel of the space. Each one of them has its own perks and creates completely different environments. I mean why not have both if your space will allow it?

Curved cabinetry is said to create a relaxing kitchen space. There are no sharp corners allowing everything to flow through the eye in a beautiful way. They are stylish, practical and ergonomic, which is an elegant solution for many family homes. There is no risk of sharp hard edges posing a threat to little ones and ideal for small, awkward spaces if there are restrictions. The soft lines that make up the curve will open up the room and create the illusion of space.

Curves are becoming a popular design choice where they are well suited to open-plan living areas on attractive focal points such as islands or dressers. The soft appearance will create a relaxed feel, blending in with the other zones and welcoming families to spend time together.

These types of lines are relatively new, as they were the preserve of contemporary homes, but with period properties changing to much more modern designs, curves are complementing them in the prettiest way. Curves on an island will bring a wow factor to the handmade kitchen.

Unfortunately, curves can be more expensive than standard units due to the extra craftsmanship involved. But on the plus side, they can be more subtly incorporated to a lower cost, for example on the end of the main kitchen run, or on an island.

Take a look at the handmade bar we designed and created for a property in Bishop’s Stortford. It features modern styled cabinetry in a curved design that offers sophistication to this beautiful space. The top cabinets have a glass front, while the bottom cabinets are made with the in-frame classic shaker style with beaded front frame.

Straight lined cabinetry is more of a traditional style, allowing the kitchen to be fully functioning and space-saving. This type of cabinetry utilises the space for higher functionality and maximises the storage options with reasonably sized and shaped cupboards and cabinets. This type of styled cabinetry is ideal for narrow and smaller spaced kitchens that don’t have a lot of room. They are easier to install and less expensive than the modern curvy kitchen.

This kitchen design idea may not offer the most modern kitchen style, but they do allow for modern features that add a touch of sleek and sophistication to the space.

The kitchen space in Golders Green, Barnet below was designed and fitted with our popular Classic shaker style. A high level of design and finish has been achieved across the kitchen which is emphasised by the dark blue colour and brass hardware.

The straight-lined design in our Modern Shaker kitchen in Bishop’s Stortford has been created with an L-shaped style and a two-tone palette. The kitchen is in-frame with a flat front frame and no bead profile between the frame and door/drawer. A large run of floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets sit down one side creating a solid block for the fridge freezer and pantry.

For over two decades Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Company has been designing, manufacturing and installing truly bespoke kitchens out of the Essex workshop. The kitchen styles we offer include Traditional, Classic and Modern shaker styles, with the latest design trends of Contemporary In-frame Slab, High-Gloss Acrylic and Exotic Wood Veneer kitchens. You will own your dream kitchen in no time at an affordable cost.

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