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Give your bespoke handmade kitchen a finishing touch with a Cornice, Pelmet and Plinth. They are designed to tie the whole of the kitchen together, giving the impression of a long continuous piece of furniture rather than individual cabinets. Handmade kitchens at Nicholas Bridger are truly bespoke to the individuals requirement and made from solid wood. We work with our clients to create their dream kitchen and a space that has been lovingly crafted and hand painted in their personal colour choice.

In this blog we will look at how plinths, cornicing and pelmets are used within a kitchen space, and how they impact on your kitchen’s overall design, as well as suiting a modern or traditional home.

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What are they?


The cornice is the trim that fixes on the top of the kitchen cabinets, they are ideal for a handmade kitchen. These can either be straight, curved, traditional or in a shaker style, fitting in with both traditional and contemporary homes.

Below in our country kitchen project @ Potters Bar, the traditional cornices lay above the classic shaker cabinet style giving additional ornamentation to enhance the overall aesthetic of the design. This kitchen has been hand painted in Stiffkey Blue from Farrow & Ball, which is an inky navy that contains rich pigments to create a dramatic space. The traditional cornices finish off the cupboard style to perfection all made out of veneered MDF, suited to the traditional homes characteristics.


The pelmet is a smaller trim that goes around the bottom of the cabinet. They are also useful in hiding worktop lighting, and adding depth and length to the cabinet, working perfectly within a handmade kitchen.

Below is a great example of our professional kitchen we created in Epping, Essex complete with shaker style pelmets and Sub-Zero Wolf appliances. The pelmets are built into the bottom of the cabinet, and in this instance to hide the worktop lighting. The carcasses are made from oak veneer with a beautiful Victorian bead on the front finished off with metallic chrome knobs and handles.


The plinth is the edge that is added to the bottom of the kitchen cabinets making them appear to stand directly on the floor, and gives the kitchen a solid finished look. They are an outstanding finish to a handmade kitchen and can come in an inset design, a skirting style design or an in-line design.

Below in our Woodford Green project solid inset plinths fill the kitchen space with a perfect finish to the design making the cabinets appear to stand directly on the floor, showing the legs of the cabinetry. This kitchen was originally built three years ago for a previous client, the new homeowners were impressed with the build and quality and decided to contact us to repaint it and change the location of where it will sit.


Shaker style…

Cornices and Pelmets in a Shaker style are made to be clean, elegant and simple which are the perfect complement for any contemporary kitchen. They run in a straight line along the top and bottom of the cabinets.

The shaker style cornices and pelmets in our Bishop’s Stortford project create a clean and elegant design within the modern style cabinets. They are simple but very effective. The contrast between the light and dark colours make the cornices and pelmets protrude out across the design aesthetics of this wonderful kitchen space.

Traditional style…

Traditional style cornices and pelmets are ideal for classic traditional style kitchens that enhance the overall aesthetic of the established design. They run along the top and bottom of the cabinets in a straight line with stand out layers.

Below in our traditional shaker kitchen located in Potters Bar, traditional cornices sit below beautiful designed alcoves creating an outstanding kitchen design that will be loved for many years to come, with kitchen units fitting in perfectly with the overall aesthetics.

Curved style…

The curved style works well with both traditonal and modern kitchen styles, and matches beautifully with Nicholas Bridger curved cabinets. They run along a line of curved cabinets.

Below is a a handmade bar we created in our client’s home in Bishop’s Stortford. We built this with curved cornices, pelmets and plinths.

Below is a great example of a curved plinth in our Hadley Wood project located on the central island. The island features a curved design on one end that includes curved cabinets, curved plinths and provides a classic kitchen style.

At Nicholas Bridger we create beautiful kitchens that are handmade, hand painted and designed in a way to suit you and your family’s needs. Thinking about design details for your kitchen is quite an important task, and the team at Nicholas Bridger are here to put you in the right direction to a perfect hub of the home. Contact us today for more information on Cornices, Pelmets and Plinths – we look forward to hearing from you.

Nicholas Bridger –

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