It’s the new year and many of us are already thinking of what home improvements we can undertake within our properties. Kitchens are one of the biggest projects to update or change in the home, and here at Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Company, we can help get you started with our top tips.

When planning a kitchen renovation you need to make sure you have planned correctly right from the start to save you having problems further on down the line. Your kitchen design should be designed on paper first before the building work starts. Having the design down on paper allows you to explore different kitchen layouts, the perfect place for your appliances and planning where the sink will go with the best view.

Each of our kitchens are beautifully crafted to a perfect fit made from solid wood. Even the tightest and trickiest corners can house our smart cabinetry leaving no space wasted, just like our Traditional shaker project in Bobbingworth, Essex. The picture is above.

Pinterest and mood boards allow you to collate your research and ideas to create the perfect dream kitchen. A physical mood board may be a board full of magazine cutting, colour swatches and material samples, or a digital version such as Pinterest, which is a quick and easy option.

It’s always good to have a wish list before you sit down with a kitchen designer. All your preferences will be noted down on paper, the kitchen style, colours, materials and the exciting features that will make it your dream space.

The Nicholas Bridger kitchen designers will do their best to include all of your ideas and preferences within the space and budget you have, whilst also adding their design expertise and flair.

Pinterest is a great tool to use to get you inspired in creating your dream kitchen. It helps with the smallest idea, even if you can’t visualise the end result. It’s becoming a popular tool with interior designers and homeowners. Upload your own inspiration and create pins on a mood board, or save pins from brands and kitchen designs that you love. A digital platform where all your images are in one place will help you and the kitchen designer to develop your dream kitchen in the space you have.

When starting to plan the perfect kitchen space in 2020, you need to keep in mind your potential budget. Be realistic with the cost you have in mind leaving a little room for added extras and unplanned building costs, as these could creep up into your spending.

Prices vary on space, location and exactly what you want. If you have specific appliances or finishes on your kitchen wishlist, it’s always a good idea to research into them beforehand.

You need to make sure that you plan in a good time manner as you don’t want to rush the first steps. Whatever size your dream space is, will take a little time to get right, that is why the kitchen design must be down on paper first. Our kitchen designers will ask you a range of questions to find out exactly what you want and how you want your dream kitchen to look. You want a kitchen that fits you and your lifestyle perfectly, so particular questions will be asked…

  • Are you the ultimate chef? Do you enjoy cooking? How much cooking do you do?
  • How much entertaining do you do?
  • Do you like appliances on display or hidden away?
  • Will the island house a seating area?
  • What is the most important part of a kitchen for you?
  • What is the worst part of your existing kitchen?

The kitchen layout is one of the most important parts in designing a space that is perfect for you and your family. You need to think of practicality and functionality. Every family and home is different, so with your help and our expert advice your space and features will create a delightful area that will be loved for many years.

The ‘kitchen triangle’ is where the three main points of the kitchen such as the sink, refrigerator and stove work in a streamlined workspace for the three fundamental tasks performed in the kitchen: cooking, food preparation and food storage. If you drew lines from each appliance they would all connect to create a triangle, hence the phrase “working/kitchen triangle”. This is a great kitchen layout to make your kitchen as efficient as it can be.

Pulling a large space together is to break down the areas into dedicated sections with dividers in the middle such as a kitchen island. Each of the spaces will work within the whole open-plan space, with the overall flow improving. A good strong design will balance out the symmetry creating a calm and restful space. The cabinets should be the building blocks of the design with the large appliances also taking the stage.

All of our designs are there to provide you with ideas and solutions that are bespoke to you and your home. We have a few ranges of different looks, with a large selection of extra-special handmade features. We use paints from top paint manufacturers such as Farrow & Ball and Little Greene and worktops provided by locally sourced professional stonemasons.

All of our designs work in both contemporary and traditional homes all with an eye-catching style. Our classic shaker proved to be very popular last year working a treat within modern kitchens and rear extensions.

So are you planning a new kitchen this 2020? The team @ Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Company will be on hand to design a desirable living space that’s perfect for you and your family. Contact us today to book a showroom appointment or call for more info – we look forward to hearing from you.

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