When re-designing your home or adding an extension to the existing property it is one of the most exciting home improvements you can undergo. A brand new kitchen in a brand new space sounds good, right? But it is a big commitment, so before walls are knocked down, it might be good to think about these following tips we have put together for you here at Nicholas Bridger.

Below is the classic shaker in Woodford we handbuilt to suit our client’s needs. A huge open-plan extension was added to the full width of the existing property, which was a wise decision turning a smaller space into a very large space full of natural light and an industrial style in mind to complete with the classic shaker. The kitchen units were originally built 3 years ago the property’s previous owner, where the kitchen was located more centrally in the home. With the new homeowners renovating their property they contacted us to keep the kitchen because they loved how sturdy it was and how it looked, we just adjusted the layout of the kitchen furniture to suit the new space, repainted it in a lovely deep tone blue, complete with brand new worktops and fixtures and fittings.

The kitchen is the heart of the home where most of the family spend most of the day. They need to be as multi-functional as possible to create a kitchen that is perfect to relax in, cook in, entertain in and catch up over a coffee with family and friends. You want to plan where your kitchen essentials will sit and where the windows will be located. Windows that overlook the garden are a must, with the kitchen sink underneath being the perfect place to do the chores while looking outside on that crisp morning, or bright sunny day. Arrange the seating areas to face the best views of the garden, opting for large bi-fold doors to open the kitchen and bring the outside in. If you like to socialise when preparing the dinner, a hob on your kitchen island is a great solution to make you part of all the action.

We as a company design, manufacture and install truly bespoke kitchens. We take great pride in each and every design and build of our furniture and guarantee to ensure the process of creating your perfect kitchen is a pleasure from start to finish.

Our approach as a family run business is to be friendly yet professional offering the best advice for your individual circumstances and requirements. The end result is working with a company you can trust to exceed your expectations.

Our showroom in Bishop’s Stortford houses a selection of our popular kitchen styles, where you can see for yourself the high quality of our workmanship and the bespoke options available to you. Our designer Nick will be on hand to start planning your space with you for that ideal kitchen extension.

The classic shaker we built and created in Harringay completed this open-plan extension that was extended onto the back of the property, using the full width. A roof lantern opens up the ceiling providing lots of natural light that’s perfect to show up the dark and mysterious colour Railings by Farrow & Ball.

When thinking about a kitchen extension making sure you are prepared is key. Writing down all of the features you want to add to the design aesthetics of the kitchen is a great idea.

  • Add a kitchen island to house the appliances, extra storage and a seating area.
  • An open-plan space with a dining and living area, using the island to divide the different zones.
  • A walk-in pantry to keep all your kitchens essentials in one place.
  • A utility room to keep the laundry separate.
  • Open up the kitchen with bi-fold doors to let the outside in, perfect for those summer months

Our kitchen designers are experienced in creating the perfect kitchen layout where appliances should be placed to form the “kitchen triangle” and how the cupboards should lay to form an every-day kitchen. Every family and home we work with are different, so when planning that loving bespoke kitchen we will look at your space, your personality and ambitions to decide the best layout for you and your family, as well as the space you have.

Top Tip- Planning permission is a must when it comes to extensions on existing properties, so check with a builder before you make changes.

Deciding on a budget when planning your kitchen is another important factor to consider. Prices will vary depending on the size of your space and the parts to the kitchen you want. For example, the appliances you choose and the luxury finishing touches. If you are hiring trades to carry out tasks in the kitchen for building work, flooring, plumbing, electrics you will also need to consider this into your budget, as this could be costly.

Every one of our kitchens is bespoke to your space with it being beautifully crafted to fit. The tightest corners and tricky alcoves can house our clever cabinetry leaving no space wasted. With a design appointment, we can draw up your dream kitchen on paper before you start the building works to work out different layouts that will best fit the room. This also means that you can say where you want your electricity and water supplies.

When planning an extension, it’s best to know what type is ideal for your home. Can a rear extension fit? Have you got a big enough garden? Can an extension fit on the side of your property? If you have a big rear garden an extension could be built across the whole width of the house or one that just extends from the existing kitchen space. A kitchen extension can be anything you want it to be from an open-plan space that consists of all three rooms, or just an extra-large area for the kitchen.

This beautiful rear extension just using half the width of the property features our sophisticated Modern shaker. High, open ceilings include generous amounts of space that’s perfect for the floor-to-ceiling kitchen storage our client has gone for. It creates a dramatic effect, with a versatile space that is used as a kitchen, dining room, playroom and office providing our client with the ultimate multi-functional hub of the home.

Kitchens are at their best when they are light and open. Conservatory or orangery style spaces are a good choice to take in those beautiful views you may have, as well as bringing in the perfect natural light. They are an ideal space to relax in and unwind over a coffee or lazy breakfast, whatever the weather. High, open ceilings would be included with generous proportions benefiting your space, and don’t forget to think about heating the room in the winter. Extending your property is a way of adding value to your home as well as bringing numerous lifestyle options and increased living space.

The kitchen is the focal point of the home and is a great place to shine your personality and taste through the design. If you live in a historic property that has features dating back to the 1800s, our designers can help you to make these beautiful features part of your kitchen design, maximising your space and creating defined zones. We love exposed wooden beams and rustic parquet flooring, they set the ambience of the room and provide a style that will never go out of fashion.

A very large and opulent space was built onto the rear of the existing property in Upminster with the full width being used. The kitchen is our classic shaker style and features a few variations of panel options such as the island drawers which are flat panel and the main kitchen area with recessed panels on the drawers. The Georgian style bead applied to the frame surrounding the doors and drawers is a subtle cue to those traditional kitchens, while colours and hardware added to the design bring the kitchen right up-to-date. Down Pipe and Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball were both hand-painted on to the solid wood units to create this two-tone colour scheme.

Here at Nicholas Bridger, we pride ourselves in creating new and enticing designs to our projects to get the very best out of your handmade kitchen. Contact us today to turn that dream kitchen you have always wanted into a reality- we look forward to hearing from you.