Dowsing & Reynolds have grown beyond the founder’s wildest dreams, into a successful company that not only sells gorgeous light bulbs and lighting accessories but stylish finishing touches that make your home as remarkable as you.

Founded by a gentleman called James who had an obsession with lighting and created concrete sculptures in his spare time, his wife Ally spotted a concrete light fitting in a magazine and suggested he could make a more stylish version. He dutifully set to work and did indeed improve on the design. He made a few extras and decided to sell them on eBay. Much to his amazement, they sold fantastically well and before he knew it a business was born.

The company as a whole are all about striking fittings and stylish accents that take influence from lots of different design genres. There’s a varied range of beautiful and bespoke lighting, and what’s more, they have an ever-expanding collection of switches, sockets, door handles and drawer knobs that are ideal for coordinating with the lighting. And there are even taps, faux foliage and luxury paint to choose from.

Beginning as an online store, and when the business grew and grew, they decided it was time to open a showroom where people could come and see the products for themselves. The perfect location was found – Leeds’ Victoria Quarter, opening its doors in September 2019.

Dowsing & Reynolds Skyscraper Knurled Handles in raw brass were chosen for the project in Saltby, Leicestershire. They provide the perfect accent to the kitchen cabinet door and drawer and makes a statement against the infectious deep indigo blue that’s hand-painted onto the units.

The recipe for a tasteful and stylish kitchen interior.

The Skyscraper knurled brass kitchen door handles are the classic go-to handle in the hardware range of Dowsing & Reynolds. The gorgeous knurling makes an added understated touch of glam to the kitchen, and they’re beautiful to touch too.

Made from solid brass and available in a choice of three finishes, these stylish handles suit their name to the ground. With their rugged and robust design like all the best buildings, especially skyscrapers, the devil really is in the detail.

An understated hint of glamour that is just so versatile in a handmade kitchen, especially this one.

Other Dowsing & Reynolds products that are perfect to add to the kitchen design


Medium Bubble Chandelier

Make a room feel grander than it is with this statement ceiling light. A bundle of delicate, transparent glass orbs hanging from gorgeous fabric cables. Fit with a dimmer switch to control the ambience of the room. Even when it isn’t switched on, this glass chandelier still looks incredibly striking.

Bellucci Brass Fish Pendant Light

Up the opulence levels in your interior with the beautiful brass fish light by Dowsing & Reynolds. Intricate detailing and the slick black fabric cable makes a sophisticated yet fun addition to an eclectically styled room.

Assam Cage Pendant Light

The Assam cage pendant light is one of Dowsing & Reynolds greatest creations yet. Its killer good looks combined with its sheer versatility make it a brilliant all-rounder. It’s so effortlessly stylish that it can work its magic in so many interior styles.

Switches & Sockets

Black Double Dimmer Switch

Sleek, sophisticated, understated and just simply super-cool, it really is the queen of all dimmer switches.

Silver Triple Dimmer Switch

This new kid on the block has got a stunning brushed steel plate and beautiful contemporary knurled knobs. Great for if you’ve got a few light sources in your room.

Gold Double Socket with USB

Add a touch of luxe to your interior with a very practical USB port – handy for when you have more gadgets than plug sockets.

Silver Double Unswitched Socket

Incredibly stylish and hugely practical at the same time, this is a good looking socket that doesn’t need to be hidden. Use it above a kitchen worktop for appliances that have their own on/off switch. You can coordinate with other fixtures and fittings, where the light can bounce around for a fabulous illusion.


Gold Reeded Kitchen Tap

An incredible tap, delicately curved grooves, a gorgeous gold finish and a sophisticated look that will take your breath away each time you gaze at it!

Silver Tinkisso Kitchen Tap

The cool satiny silver glints in your hand – it’s a kitchen tap to behold. Designed with a graceful swan neck style, the elegance it adds to your kitchen is the main attraction, but how it feels in your hand and the whooshing sound it makes keeps you captivated.

If you would like to know more about a truly bespoke kitchen handcrafted lovingly by Nicholas Bridger contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. We would love to incorporate versatile kitchen handles into your kitchen layout.