Dream, Research and Plan for your Ultimate Kitchen

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When it comes to the kitchen, it’s a big project and needs careful planning to turn it into your dream space and somewhere that’s multi-functional for all the family. It has to be planned correctly to save you having problems further on down the line and having it designed on paper first will allow you to explore different kitchen layouts and where the appliances can be housed.

Everyone has their dream kitchen right?

Mood boards are a great and easy way to showcase your home inspiration and make the design ideas a reality. They act as a tool to build clear design stories and allows you to express your vision, even if you can’t fully visualise the end result.

The two main types of mood boards are physical and digital. A physical mood board consists of magazine cuttings, colour swatches and tactile material samples, where a digital mood board can come from a platform such as Pinterest to collect ideas.

Tips on creating your own mood board

  • Create a board by introducing images and ideas that thread from one image to the next. Tell a story of the space you want to create.
  • Visualise your dream by asking yourself what you are naturally drawn to, is there a colour that instantly lifts your mood or a style that will work well within your family’s lifestyle?
  • Collect real-world inspiration. Take pictures of whatever inspires you
  • If you have an architectural detail or feature within your hub of the home, highlight it in the space and reference this in your mood board
  • Only add images that you love, otherwise, you may get carried away with more than one design/style

Creating a mood board will help you collect and display everything that has inspired you so far, giving you design goals to work towards. It’s a marvellous visual way to present your lifestyle aspirations to a kitchen designer even if you are not a creative person. It can sometimes be hard to explain your personal style without a visual, and this is why a digital mood board can be the easiest way to start.

Pinterest is becoming a hugely popular platform with interior designers and homeowners. It allows you to quickly collate images in one place, uploading your own inspiration and sourcing kitchen design ideas from brands, companies and others that you simply love.

Start with a mood board rather than hundreds of pins. You may want to create boards that are specifically for cabinet colours, layouts, storage, accessories and appliances. Once these boards are developed you will start to see common trends and some styles you may not have even thought about.

When it comes to creating boards within the Pinterest platform, you want to add descriptions so that when the kitchen designer is looking at your board they can easily pick out ideas.

You want to set a budget and have your space in mind. If you have a small U-shaped or layout or galley kitchen, try and find some inspiration that displays this particular layout. It doesn’t mean that you can’t implement these kitchen ideas from more extravagant spaces you just want to remember what can be achieved and what can’t.

Edit your design ideas into a final board with descriptions and your favourite tile patterns, textures and colours. Put anything in there that inspires you and the aesthetic of your design as this will help your designer clearly see your vision.

Pinterest is a great place to start designing your handmade kitchen and showing the kitchen designer exactly what you are after. Contact us today to start your home renovation, bringing your kitchen ideas to life and a kitchen that is just as beautiful as you thought.