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Welcome an Exciting New World of Dual Fuel Cooking into your Kitchen with Wolf

You will not be disappointed with a Wolf range cooker. A range cooker is the natural heart to any kitchen, with style and performance being key. The Wolf Dual Fuel Range has rugged good looks and certainly gives the cooking experience you desire and expect.

Wolf has been building appliances for the hub of the home for over 70 years with the company’s design ethos being exactly the same throughout the years. Good looks and great performance is what Wolf is all about and that is why many celebrity chefs rely on Sub-Zero Wolf.

With the sizes of the ranges running from 762mm to 1524mm, they are designed for large and small kitchens and allow a new exciting dual fuel cooking process that will steel any show and cook those tasty dishes. From their classic professional look, eye-catching cobalt blue interior and famous red knobs (that can be in black or stainless steel if preferred) it will certainly be a beautiful bit of kit showcased in the kitchen for many years to come.

Why a Wolf Dual Fuel Range?

The Dual convection system within the Wolf range cooker is not like any of the other ranges on the market. It uses two fans and multiple heating elements to control the heat and airflow more precisely around the cooking elements. The technology is exclusive to Wolf and allows cooks to achieve levels of consistency throughout their baking of cookies, roasting of lamb and grilling of steaks. So to sum it up… every preparation you create gets exactly the heat and airflow it requires for delicious results.

Bake the perfect batch of cookies without having to rotate the trays, brown that gorgeous crisp quiche and cook that succulent piece of beef using the temperature probe.

The different Dual Fuel Ranges available

762mm Dual Fuel Range

This range offers standard duel stacked surface burners and a Wolf duel convection system that delivers even temperature and airflow throughout, and is also perfect for a smaller kitchen.

914mm Dual Fuel Range

This particular range can have three different top configurations, from standard dual-stacked surface burners, to a custom rangetop with a steel griddle or infrared chargrill.

914mm Dual Fuel Range with Griddle

A powerful 5.6kW gas griddle sits on top that is perfect for cooking many different types of foods, from pancakes, to prawns and steaks.

914mm Dual Fuel Range with Chargrill

A powerful 5.6kW gas chargrill sits on top that is perfect for creating succulent steaks or fish and chargrilled vegetables.

1219mm Dual Fuel Range with Griddle

A 150-litre capacity sits within this range cooker with a separate large and small oven for all of your cooking needs. The large rangetop is available in four different configurations, with options including an infrared chargrill or griddle, and the versatile French top.

1219mm Dual Fuel Range with Chargrill

A 5.6kW gas chargrill and 6 dual stacked sealed gas burners sit above this range delivering delicious results everytime.

1219mm Dual Fuel Range with Chargrill and Griddle

A 5.6kW gas chargrill and a 5.6kW versatile griddle/teppanyaki sit amongst this stunning bit of kit.

1219mm Dual Fuel Range with French Top

This Range offers a large capacity oven that is large enough to hold a 30kg roast and the technology of a flip down control panel and digital temperature read-out control that allows cooks to check the oven’s status, without the need of bending down.

1524mm Dual Fuel Range with Chargrill and Griddle

This is the biggest range cooker to date that gives you the power, control and maximum space of a dual convection double oven. It is a 98-litre oven and has two rangetop configurations to choose from. It also includes the following:

  • 6kW gas chargrill
  • 6kW griddle/teppanyaki
  • 6 dual stacked burners
  • Sealed gas burners

1524mm Dual Fuel Range with Chargrill and French Top

This is the biggest range in Wolf’s history that includes a 5.6kW gas charbroiler and a 4.8kW French top with varying temperature zones, along with four dual stacked sealed gas burners.

The largest Wolf Dual Fuel Range in one of our client’s homes

Our client who is a professional chef opted for the 1524mm Wolf Dual Fuel Range Cooker with Chargrill and Griddle to take centre stage in this beautiful handmade Classic Shaker kitchen below. This is the biggest and widest range from Wolf to date featuring all the mod cons you could dream of. The famous red knobs were chosen to stand out against the stainless steel from the luxury appliance that is the Wolf Dual Fuel Range. Just think of all the dinner parties you could have from this magnificent piece of kit.

We are very proud to be premier dealers of Sub-Zero Wolf, we have the 1219mm Dual Fuel range with a 4 burner top, chargrill and griddle combination with the famous red knobs in our showroom in Great Hallingbury, Essex. It is a live range cooker so you can see it in action. Please call us or drop us an email to arrange a showroom visit.

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