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The kitchen is the heart of the home where most of us spend our time. In most recent years the kitchen space has evolved into an area that combines the kitchen, living and dining room altogether where family and friends can relax and entertain in, known as an open-plan living space. A bespoke kitchen is designed to cater to all of your needs and your family, and a room that you can use everyday.

The best bit about designing your own kitchen is that it’s made to fit to the space you have, and adapt to your individual lifestyle. A good kitchen designer will be able to include all of the key essentials that make up the perfect kitchen and the life you lead in your home, so with that in mind, a bespoke handmade kitchen from Nicholas Bridger will be able to give you the best opportunity in creating a dream come true.

Nicholas Bridger –

“Decades of experience and attention to detail allow us to design and produce beautiful, truly bespoke kitchens that create a feeling of space and symmetry balanced with optimum functionality’

Nicholas Bridger furniture is made by using the latest technology from design in 3D to sub-millimeter precision production, making your new cabinets fit beautifully into the available space. Beautiful raw materials which are handcrafted by our skilled craftmen are used, with one of the traditional methods Mortice and Tenon being used to produced the jointed doors and dovetail drawer boxes within our kitchens.

If you have a kitchen that hasn’t been cleverly planned and thought about, the storage and layout can be seen looking cluttered and too much going on. Nicholas Bridger and his team can create stunning traditional, classic and modern bespoke cabinetry that will hide away your household items and deliver clever storage solutions to make the perfect multi-functional kitchen. With no space wasted, awkward corners can still be added to the creativity of the kitchen. Even big professional appliances such as range cookers, like the AGA, and fridge freezers from Sub-Zero Wolf are considered to integrate seamlessly into the aesthetics of the kitchen design, and we are known for this.

Nicholas Bridger –

“I believe in the personal touch. My wealth of expertise in kitchen design has been gained through many years of practical experience in all aspects of a business I love. This means that my customers benefit from advice given by a knowledgeable designer who is passionate about kitchen furniture and customer satisfaction.”

An island centred in the middle of the hub of the home can benefit families of large quanity, budding chefs and social lovers. They are made to fit perfectly within your space creating practicality and a design statement that become a real talking point. The island can pretty much be a place that has many elements to it, such as creating a seating area, cooking up a storm with an integrated hob, washing the vegetables with a sink, rolling out dough on extra worktop space, and finding homes for the pots and pans with additional storage.

Once you have finalised the bespoke design with the kitchen designer, you can then think about the finishes, colours and the special features that you want to add to your kitchen design. Just like below with our bespoke Walnut chopping boards that integrate into your cabinetry perfectly, they can be pulled out easily and placed back when not in use. They can be made from Solid Oak, Walnut and Pine, and made in any size that’s desired. This set up below is available to see in our showroom amongst the Contemporary In-frame Slab style furniture with bar handles, so pop down and take a look.

Personal touches such as shelves and glass cabinet doors make your bespoke kitchen exceptionally original to you and your personal desires. You can place your most favourite cocktail glasses on show, and use the glass fronted cupboards for the other glasses to create a wonderful bar area just like our client below. Choosing a bespoke handmade kitchen means it is built to last, and will withstand everyday and family life for years to come.

The choice is almost limitless when it comes to painting the kitchen cabinets. We use respectable paint companies such as Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, Crown, Sandersons and Paint & Paper Library. Our kitchens are hand-painted on-site once the kitchen has been built. This is a beautiful brush-on finish that follows the wood grain perfectly while protecting the solid wood beneath it.

You can choose to create a two-tone colour scheme with light and dark colours from the same colour, which most of our clients have chosen, or opt for different textured surfaces such as a quartz or granite incorporated with wood.

Nicholas Bridger – with our Truly Bespoke kitchens, colour schemes are only limited by your imagination.

Nicholas Bridger –

“Our new showroom is located away from expensive high street locations, ensuring that we can provide a superb environment for our customers while ensuring the excellent affordability of our kitchen furniture.”

Contact us today for more information on how our bespoke kitchens will enhance your lifestyle or for a design appointment – we look forward to hearing from you with your design ideas