Expand your Culinary Curiosity to the Great Outdoors with Sub Zero & Wolf

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Do you want to savour more moments in the great outdoors this Summer? Sub-Zero & Wolf have designed outdoor kitchen appliances to give you their award-winning performance (which they are known for) as well as a stunning look and practically endless design flexibility.

For many of us, the kitchen is the hub of the home where great memories are made and where life happens. Many homeowners are looking to make the most of their available outdoor space creating the perfect nurturing sanctuary to enjoy, with beauty, comfort, delicious food and high-quality products.

Only recently launched in the UK there has been an overwhelming interest in Sub-Zero & Wolf’s outdoor appliances due to the lockdowns of COVID – less travel, people working from home and more time overall spent at our homes.

Cook with confidence

A Wolf outdoor grill puts precise control in your hands so that the dish you have in mind will be the dish you bring to the table. They specialise in nuanced temperature control – the key to successful grilling. They combine the searing power of independent grill burners – up to 38 kW on the 137cm model – with even, radiant heat from ceramic briquettes. The precise high to low-temperature control lets you masterfully grill anything from mouthwatering ribeyes to enticingly crosshatched vegetables.

With Wolf you can count on exceptional performance for decades; every Wolf outdoor grill is precision-welded, double-walled and made from stainless steel that will not rust or hold water. Yet the heavy-gauge hood lifts with a light touch, assisted by concealed springs.

Steel Grates

The steel grates are stainless steel and 10mm thick. They retain and radiate more hear for more even grilling and restaurant-worthy sear marks. They will not rust or chip and can be cleaned simply with a wire grill brush.

Ignition System

Wolf’s ignition system is designed for reliability. Depress the knob and a hot coil ignites the gas. Wolf briquettes emit consistent radiant heat that, combined with the burners, provide uniform temperature distribution.

Smoker Box

Add wood chips for an extra smoky flavour to your barbeque and favourite grill creations.


The rotisserie holds up to 11kg of meat. Smooth r0otation ensures even doneness. The two positions let you set the ideal distance from the burner, whether you are cooking small items, such as game hens, or large ones, such as roasts.

Sear Station

A powerful, 7.3 kW sear station on the 91cm, 107cm and 137cm models emits exceptionally high heat searing in delicious flavour for mouthwatering results.


Versatility abounds with the teppanyaki plate accessory. It lays directly on top of the grill grates, creating a smooth cooking surface for preparing more delicate items. Sauté vegetables or prawns, toast burger buns, or even fry eggs.

Wolf outdoor gas grills come in four different sizes to fit in with all size outdoor kitchens. Each size can be built in – 76cm, 91cm, 107cm and 137cm. Optional carts are available for 76cm, 91cm and 107cm models.

If you opt for the cart model you can also specify an optional side burner for warming sauces and sautéing side dishes. All Wolf outdoor grills are available in natural gas or LP.

Spring hood

The spring-assisted hood opens and closes the stainless-steel hood with a light touch. It is made with heavy-duty, concealed springs that eliminate 50% of the weight. The handle design keeps hands away from the hot grilling surfaces.

Warming rack

It is so much more than a warming rack. It can roast vegetables, slow-roast ribs, warm buns, and keep foods moist and ready to serve.

Halogen lights

The powerful, brilliant halogen lights illuminate your grilling surface, ultimately taking the guesswork out of nighttime grilling.

Lit controls

The LED lights positioned above the Wolf signature red knobs make it simple to adjust the controls in dim light. Black knobs are also available as an additional accessory.

Complete the outdoor kitchen

Limit your trips back inside with the Wolf outdoor storage solutions. Cabinets, doors and drawers can be the space to store everything from mesquite chips and grill accessories to paper towels and recycling bins. With these organisational necessities in place, you can spend more time savouring special moments with your family and friends.

Choose from a variety of cabinets, drawers, and doors that keeps essentials conveniently at hand in a specifically designated place. All furniture is weatherproof, so items will stay dry and protected.

Wolf outdoor storage is built with the same superior craftmanship as Wolf indoor appliances. The ergonomic handles are sophisticatedly designed for comfort and ease of use. Expect decades of performance from the rust-resistant stainless steel and install flush to match your outdoor kitchen design.

The multi-functional grill gives you masterful control, while the warming drawers lend a helping hand. Sub-Zero under-counter refrigeration keeps fresh foods, cold drinks, ice and other necessities conveniently at your fingertips.

76cm Warming Drawer

The Wolf Warming Drawer allows you to prepare dishes at different times and keep them warm, moist and ready to serve on your schedule. 76cm and 92cm front panels are available.

33cm Burner Module

The Wolf Burner Module lets you prepare side dishes or warm sauces without having to run inside so you can still entertain your guests. It produces 7.3 kW, the ideal preparation companion for sautéing and stir-frying.

Dining and entertaining outdoors has never been so exciting. You will create a luxurious kitchen with a classy look and practically endless design flexibility.

Add convenient refrigeration

As long as you have Sub-Zero, the food’s freshness will stand the test of time, as will the beauty and performance of your outdoor kitchen.

Sub-Zero is a food preservation system with more than 70 years of innovative thinking behind it. The technology has been engineered and tested to last decades – even in harsh outdoor environments. The Sub-Zero appliances you choose will offer you years of enjoyment through their dependability, standard-setting design, and convenience.

The integrated drawers are sealed to lock in moisture and ensure maximum freshness in the ideal low-temp, high-humidity environment for optimum food preservation. The Sub-Zero outdoor drawers, paired with outdoor panels, are engineered for temperatures up to 43°C and clad in heavy-gauge stainless steel that withstands UV rays, salt and moisture.

If you would like to know more about our handmade kitchens and Sub-Zero Wolf appliances for an outdoor living space please don’t hesitate to contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.