Seeing as we hand-paint many of our bespoke handmade kitchens with Farrow & Ball paints we like to keep up with the latest collections, colours and collaborations they have to offer.

This brand new original edit sees richly pigmented paint colours from the Farrow & Ball Archive meeting complementary Liberty Interiors Fabrics from The Modern Collector Range. Choose from 15 irresistible hand-picked combinations of colour and print, creating a series of timeless looks for a new generation of homes.

The brand Liberty was born in 1875 from the adventurous and disruptive spirit of Arthur Lasenby Liberty. It’s a brand driven by discovery. From its globally renowned London location, the brand has remained true to its heritage and is famous for its prints, fabrics, and design. Liberty continues to be associated with the world of arts and culture, building on the legacy it is known for with the new and beautiful.

Liberty Interiors Fabrics that are featured in this Farrow & Ball edit can be purchased from the Liberty London website

Let’s take a look at the colours below in more detail.


Clunch from Farrow & Ball is a soft chalk-white where its name comes from the off-white building blocks of many East Anglian buildings. The yellow base creates an incredibly versatile finish, making it such an easy colour to live with. Clunch is often contrasted with Pointing on the woodwork for a fresher look, or with Shaded White to create a more traditional room.

Persian Voyage, Jade Stone fabric


Archive from Farrow & Ball is classic taupe named to reflect the traditional history of the company. It’s a stronger, warmer version of Joa’s White. Perceived by many as a classic taupe, it has a slightly cleaner feel than Oxford Stone and creates a rich glow in any room. This colour works particularly well in dimly lit rooms creating a delightful cosy environment but can be surprisingly orange in brighter spaces.

Marquess Garden, Lichen Rose fabric

Smoked Trout

Smoked Trout from Farrow & Ball is a warm mushroom colour needing no explanation. The dark mushroom tone can be read as anything from a deep taupe to a dustier red depending on the light. With a magical depth within and almost three-dimensional quality, it has a romantic feel wherever it’s used.

Persian Voyage, Pewter fabric

Potted Shrimp

Potted Shrimp by Farrow & Ball is a traditional blush colour making rooms feel delightfully familiar and embracing you in their warmth. It’s a touch lighter and more yellow than Setting Plaster.

Poppy Meadowfield, Lichen fabric

Fruit Fool

Fruit Fool by Farrow & Ball is a mouthwatering pink taking its name from the summer pudding that was so popular in the post-war era. This mouthwatering pink never feels too sweet due to its underlying blue tone.

Palampore Trail, Lacquer fabric


Cola by Farrow & Ball is a red-based brown where its undertones set it apart from the cooler, darker shades of Mahogany and Tanner’s Brown. The underlying warmth makes it perfect for those looking to embrace and enhance the intimacy of a small space.

Botanical Flora, Lacquer fabric


Serge by Farrow & Ball is a chic dark blue that is stronger than Drawing Room Blue and less green than Hague Blue. Serge is a chic shade named after the original fabric used to make jeans. It creates an elegant feel that’s well-suited to entertaining spaces.

Regency Tulip, Lapis fabric

Sloe Blue

Sloe Blue by Farrow & Ball is a black-based blue that sits between Oval Room Blue and Inchyra Blue. This black-based colour is the perfect hue for contemporary rooms or distinctive exterior woodwork.

Felix Raison, Lichen Bright fabric

Berrington Blue

Berrington Blue by Farrow & Ball is a blackened mid-tone blue, originally taken from the boudoir at Hereforfshire’s Berrington Hall. It’s a stronger alternative to the ever popular Oval Room Blue. The large doses of black make it perfect for any space you’d retire to at the end of the day.

Palampore Trail, Lichen fabric

Chine Green

Chine Green by Farrow & Ball is a dark off-black green with an earthy hue taking its name from steep-sided coastal gorges that are a common feature of the landscape around the south coast of England. When used on cabinets, it creates the familiar feel of a working kitchen in an old country house; used outdoors, it makes for a subtle woodwork colour, mirroring the green of any surrounding foliage.

Zennor Arbour, Plaster Pink fabric


Olive by Farrow & Ball is a rich, earthy green originally used in panelled rooms. It’s best suited to darker spaces, where the richness of the colour really comes out on its own. For this reason, it looks most at home when paired with a traditional neutral such as Off-White or Old White.

Poppy Meadowfield, Pewter Blue fabric

Suffield Green

Suffield Green by Farrow & Ball is a ‘good-taste’ green and was often seen on pre-war historical colour cards Livelier than Sutcliffe Green and a little more intense than Breakfast Room Green, it remains a firm favourite in contemporary homes.

Wiltshire Blossom, Lichen fabric


Cane by Farrow & Ball is a little less intense than India Yellow and slightly cooler than Sand, Cane is a wonderfully earthy yellow that has a surprising brightness to it when artificially lit.

Persian Voyage, Lichen fabric


Chemise by Farrow & Ball is a stony modern gray and is a popular colour similar to Charleston Gray, but with a little less warmth. It looks equally at home in an airy, industrial space as it does in a historic home.

Hera Plume, Pewter fabric


Pantalon by Farrow & Ball is a traditional green-brown – a modern colour with a traditional character. Neither brown nor green, the mysterious tone of this colour changes in different light conditions, making it a particularly captivating shade for exterior paintwork.

Wilshire Blossom, Lapis Dark fabric


We love painting our handmade kitchens in colours that are on-trend and what they deserve. We paint our kitchens on-site with a beautiful brush finish that follows the wood grain perfectly. Contact us today for more information on our kitchen designs – we look forward to hearing from you.