Farrow & Ball are great believers in choosing hues that make everyone happy when they come home. It’s a new year and new design trends will make their way forward in the year 2020.

Joa the colour creator and tastemaker gave her thoughts on how Farrow & Ball’s colours will be used in 2020.

The most important aspect of using colour in 2020 is to create spaces that are warm and welcoming for our friends and family. We want to use colours that make us feel proud of our homes, and increasingly, that’s coming to mean tones that are bolder and more saturated.

As we become increasingly environmentally aware, we’re collectively craving a connection with the natural world, which is why Duck Green and earthy, organic Sap Green feel perfect for the home in 2020.

Hand-painting a kitchen is a bespoke and luxury finish. It is becoming more and more popular as the years go on, following trends from the USA especially with Farrow & Ball enjoying a massive following on social media. A kitchen that is hand-painted too is future-proofed allowing you to simply sand down and repaint the kitchen in later years, with it being easily repaired too!

Nicholas Bridger’s handmade kitchen designs are suited in all colours from fresh sage green to a dramatic blue. A lot of our kitchens in 2019 saw us hand-painting them in Farrow & Ball paint, creating modern kitchens as well as classic.

In this blog, we will show you the colours of 2020 and how they can bring a new colour trend to your way of living.

Duck Green

Duck Green from Farrow & Ball is wonderfully strong yet subdued, a smart deep green. It feels like a familiar colour but still contemporary, making it a great trend-led twist on the popular charcoal. It brings a luxurious atmosphere to any room, ideal for creating spaces in which to curl up at the end of the day. Joa says try it with Light Gray and Ash Grey for a truly timeless feel. This colour is from the new palette Colour by Nature created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum.

Sap Green

Sap Green from Farrow & Ball is a true reflection of nature. It brings an organic feel to the home and the richness makes all rooms look bigger. Joa recommends using it with Setting Plaster and Hay, as it creates a delightful mid-century modern feel. This colour is from the new palette Colour by Nature created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum.

Mouse’s Back

Mouse’s Back from Farrow & Ball is a quiet grey-brown. A classic colour which takes its characterful name from the fawny colour of the British field mouse. It will read much greener when used on the walls of underlit rooms and is the perfect accent on furniture or floors when combined with more traditional shades such as Setting Plaster and Lime White. Paired with Light Gray and Stony Ground makes for a combination that creates thoroughly relaxing rooms.


Ammonite from Farrow & Ball is named after the treasured fossils often found on the Jurassic Coast, Dorset and is a natural understated grey. It has a fantastic understated quality and sits effortlessly with the Easy Neutrals. The subtle grey tones within creates a hushed and calming feel in homes both old and new.

Purbeck Stone

Purbeck Stone from Farrow & Ball is an understated stone grey which is clean and understated that resembles the colour of stone found on the Isle of Purbeck. It’s the strongest colour from the Easy Neutrals palette, sitting contentedly as part of a calming scheme with Cornforth White, Wevet and Ammonite in homes both old and new.

Stiffkey Blue

Stiffkey Blue is a very popular colour @ The Handmade Kitchen Company. This shade has a suitably unexpected origin named after the Norfolk village of Stiffkey. The colour is inspired by the blue clays that make up the coastal landscape and used in well-lit areas of the home it will appear much bluer. Try it in the modern eggshell finish to bring a luxurious touch to the kitchen cabinets.

Potters Bar project

This kitchen project we created in Potters Bar features our beautiful classic design in a large open-plan space. We hand-painted the kitchen furniture in Stiffkey Blue from Farrow & Ball which is a dreamy blue inspired from the coastal landscape. It’s a great option against the brass hardware and the combination between the two different worktop materials.


Treron from Farrow & Ball is a dark grey-green which is enduring and a darker green version of the classic Pigeon found across Asia and Africa. It is traditional in feel and perfect for the modern home where lots of natural materials are used or as an accent.


Pigeon from Farrow & Ball is a strong blue-grey named after the colour of the bird often sighted around the London landscape. This colour is ideal for those who want to embrace 2020’s green trend in a more subtle way. It is incredibly popular on kitchen islands with the more delicate Dimpse on units.

At Nicholas Bridger, we provide you with a bespoke kitchen that is made from your ideas and requirements. We add the finishing touches with the kitchen ideas you have in mind and you will have your dream kitchen you have always wanted. Contact us today to find out more – we look forward to hearing from you.