When planning for a new kitchen it is kind of daunting, knowing where to begin and what to have. There are many options at NB HMK, and that is why Nick is on hand to help with any questions you may have.

Nick has been producing beautiful bespoke handmade kitchens for over two decades. His experience and attention to detail allow him to design and produce these type of kitchens that create a feeling of space and symmetry balanced with optimum functionality.

NB –

“I believe in the personal touch. My wealth of expertise in kitchen design has been gained through many years of practical experience in all aspects of a business I love. This means that my customers benefit from the advice given by a knowledgeable designer who is passionate about kitchen furniture and customer satisfaction.”

The Colour

When it comes to colouring the kitchen cabinets be brave and bold, this can easily be updated in 10 years’ time, if you choose to.

Colour trends can quickly become out of trend as the years pass by, so we suggest that you choose the colour that you love and stick to the chosen aesthetic for the space, you really can’t go wrong.

Dark hues work well in grand open-plan spaces and also work in smaller rooms if balanced with other brighter elements such as the worktops and floors. Grey is here to stay and can create a stunning backdrop with a two-tone design scheme. Using a darker colour on the island gives a real presence within the space, meaning the bigger the contrast in colour, the bigger the wow factor when you walk in.

The Appliances

We choose Sub-Zero Wolf every time. Sub-Zero Wolf products are meticulously crafted and expertly engineered, bringing a professional quality to the home. They set the scene for good food and conversation with friends and family. Sub-Zero Wolf are hugely proud of their industry-leading appliances and we are very proud to be premier dealers of these marvellous and exciting appliances here at Nicholas Bridger.

We can and Sub-Zero Wolf can guarantee delicious results delivered every time from these smart appliances!

We have 19 fully-functioning Sub-Zero Wolf appliances @ The Handmade Kitchen Company by Nicholas Bridger. They range from state-of-the-art cooking appliances to cold store technology all perfect for that handmade kitchen as a finishing touch. Come and give them a go yourself in our living kitchen! Also, keep checking our Food Vlog for recent videos of us cooking with the Sub-Zero Wolf appliances we have in our showroom.

Leading chefs and celebrities choose these stainless steel appliances for their robust, industrial feel which deliver fantastic results every time, to a similar performance as in a professional kitchen.

There’s no better way than starting a journey this year with luxurious appliances from the award-winning Sub-Zero Wolf in a divine new handmade kitchen made from Nicholas Bridger.

The Worktops

The worktops in the kitchen need to be tough and practical, as well as a stylish finish to your home. At Nicholas Bridger, we supply the finest Quartz and Granite worktops on the market.

We think quartz is one of the best materials for a worktop, as it is packed full of benefits. Style, performance and cost, allows quartz worktops to deliver a premium look and feel but offer durable, low maintenance and long-lasting properties. There are many styles to choose from, with a marble-looking one proving to be popular.

The Floor

The floor in your bespoke kitchen needs to be practical, hard-wearing and something to suit your style, it doesn’t need to be dull. Flooring is one of the most important elements to produce a multi-functional kitchen, due to it having a pretty tough job for those muddy boots and spillages.

There are lots of colours, styles and materials to choose from to make the space look fresh and stylish, but also great to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

At Nicholas Bridger, we like Stone as it is made up of natural elements and of course lots of beauty. It has become a popular flooring choice in the home today where it brings a wow factor to the kitchen, offering a long-lasting, robust feel that’s easy to care for.

Another great flooring type is Concrete. A concrete floor provides a great hard-wearing surface and is the perfect finish to an industrial style. It can come in an array of colours and is very easy to clean.

The Lighting

Lighting up the kitchen space plays a key part in the design. Once you have decided on the kitchen layout with the designer, you can use the drawing plan to work out where each light will be placed. When lighting up the cabinetry it is important to use a layered lighting system to the different areas, so the mood can be changed easily. You don’t want to be entertaining at a relaxed dinner party when the kitchen is lit up like an operating theatre.

The Furnishings & Finishing Touches

Furnishing and the finishing touches complete the kitchen space and make it your very own area that is unique to you.

Plug sockets are boring but essential. They can be placed on the end of an island for a convenient place to plug in the mixer, always remember to make sure you have enough electrical points too.

Comfortable seating for the island, breakfast bar, dining and living areas are absolutely necessary. You can choose the furnishings to match the other decor just like in our project below.

So are you planning a new kitchen this 2020? The team @ Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Company will be on hand to design a desirable living space that’s perfect for you and your family. Contact us today to book a showroom appointment or call for more info – we look forward to hearing from you.