There are many options when it comes to seating areas in the kitchen. Whether you have an open-plan space or simply a kitchen diner, adding a dining table in the kitchen is a popular choice with existing and new clients. Some of these seating areas are the main dining but for others, it’s a secondary, informal dining space with a separate formal dining room elsewhere in the home.

The different approaches consist of a breakfast bar, banquette seating, and a traditional dining table. In this blog, we will look at each seating area and how it can be incorporated into the space for you and your family.

Our range of seating options at Nicholas Bridger is designed to complement your luxury kitchen design, use it to gather family and friends or a place to unwind and read a book.

The Breakfast Bar

You can find a breakfast bar as part of a kitchen island or on a peninsula and is a very common feature in the 21st-century hub of the home. Many of our clients have opted for this seating option as a stand-alone formal dining area or an additional table for the family to gather. You can opt for a spectacular centerpiece in the kitchen which is also highly functional.

It can be perfect for busy couples enjoying a glass of wine, but it might not be a practical option for family meals due to the lack of table space. A circular or unusual-shaped breakfast bar can give it more of a social feel and the ideal spot to sip a delicious coffee while catching up.

Our client in Winchmore Hill has pushed the traditional shaker to its limit in this large open-plan space. Due to the size of the area, a large island sits centrally with an added breakfast bar at the end complete with a pedestal table and soft velour stools.

The Banquette

Banquettes are truly bespoke and fitted within the handmade kitchen. They can be formed into benches or curved family seating where luxury fabrics can be added and handcrafted in your choice of solid timber either to match the kitchen or an alternative look. We have many clients opting for this form of seating to be designed into the available space, a much cosier way to dine and minimising the footprint of the area.

They are a great style of seating to incorporate extra storage into your kitchen design without complicating the aesthetics and the function of the room.

Due to our kitchens and designs being truly bespoke this enables us to design them specifically for you and your needs. Choose from curved, straight, large, or small, and if they are going to be used for larger gatherings or smaller occasions.

Our client in Epping opted for a modern/country style kitchen with the perfect banquette formed in the corner. The design is an L-shaped seat with a solid wood pedestal table. The seating area offers extra storage and a comfy place to enjoy your breakfast.

The Dining Table

If you are lucky enough to have a separate dining table in your dream kitchen we are envious of you. It allows for a clear division between the cooking and dining spaces offering different seating areas for you and your family. It’s the perfect place to host dinner parties if you don’t want your primary cooking area to be interrupted by the guests.

The only drawback of a dining table added to the kitchen space is the amount of room required to make it work. If you are limited, a separate table with a bench seat along one wall will help reduce the space and define the zone.

Our client in Mapesbury was lucky enough to have a grand space to fit a separate dining table in their kitchen. The table is a see-through design situated at the bottom of the kitchen near the garden, offering a great seating area for our client’s guests.

If you are looking for more information on fitting a seating area into your kitchen contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. We have many bespoke and handmade options for your space.