The traditional kitchen was usually made up of base cabinets and wall cabinets or freestanding pieces of furniture, in today’s kitchen design preferences have changed, and homeowners are now opting for floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets to maximize the storage space in the heart of the home.

Many of our clients have opted for floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinetry to suit their family and busy lifestyle. This space has certainly turned into an area for your ‘wants’, ‘needs’, and ‘must-haves’. If you are thinking of introducing floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in your new kitchen, here at Nicholas Bridger you will speak with a kitchen designer who will listen to you and create a design that is perfect for you. Our handmade kitchens are truly bespoke, so therefore we can design any type of cabinet, in any size and hand painted in the colour of your choice to make the perfect bespoke kitchen.

Below our Potters Bar project has a multi-functioning utility room where the floor-to-ceiling cabinets act as pantry cupboards, creating the perfect walk in larder, and the washing appliances have been integrated into the handmade furniture to free up storage space. The cabinets have been hand painted in Blackened by Farrow & Ball where it creates a traditional design that is loved for many years to come, and creates a striking effect against the marble worktops known as Noble Carrara.

Maximizing the storage space

When you have a smaller kitchen, it is vital to maximize and make the most of all available space. In our project below in Bishop’s Stortford we have managed to use the space perfectly to suit our client’s way of life and requirements. As this was a relatively compact space one side of the kitchen has been designed with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, with the fridge/freezer being integrated for a more streamlined look. A day pantry has also been included for easy selection of kitchen essentials for that mid-week meal. The cabinets have been hand painted in Farrow & Ball Shaded White to create a wonderful relaxed feel throughout the wooden elements.

A place for integrated appliances

The design and idea of a floor-to-ceiling wall cabinet is a fantastic solution for your kitchen if you want to integrate appliances. It provides a sleek design and frees up other areas of the kitchen space. In our Hadley Wood project below the oversized Wolf oven is integrated into the back wall cabinetry, where there is an integrated Wolf induction hob, and a rather large refridgerator to the right, keeping all the appliances in one area creating the perfect ‘kitchen triangle’. This style is the Classic shaker where there is a beaded front frame to all the doors and drawers. The recessed panel doors and drawers also feature an extra detail to the edge. We hand painted the main run of cabinets in Farrow & Ball Blackened, and the cental island is hand painted in Downpipe – also by Farrow & Ball.

Add worktop space to the design

Sometimes if you have opted for an entire run of floor-to-ceiling cabinets, you may be sacrificing worktop space. You can incorporate an island for additional worktop space if you have the room, and this will also provide additional storage, and the potential to create a seating area. Our project below in London is a double galley style design in our modern shaker that includes floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, and base units in an asymmetrical pattern. There was enough space in this hub of the home to add a long island to provide another leg of units and worktop space, as well as creating a sociable casual seating area. A breakfast pantry sits one side of the kitchen surrounded with a marble worktop, and the opposite side holds a row of appliances complete with a near enough symmetrical design with the floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

Symmetrical Design

Symmetrical design in a kitchen is an attractive design aspect especially when using floor-to-ceiling cabinets in the design. The best way in creating a symmetry design with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is to surround it around an appliance just like below in our Whetstone project. The classic shaker design is hand painted in Little Greene Inox that creates a timeless look making it feel warm and relaxing too, with the neutral hues bringing an understated look for many years to come. Our client wanted a clean and clutter-free layout when initially discussed, so we incorporated the microwave and coffee machine into its own larder creating a breakfast pantry.

At the Handmade Kitchen Company by Nicholas Bridger we have gained a fantastic reputation for our quality of kitchen design, finished product and service. Our designers work with you from the start to design a kitchen around your current and future requirements. Contact us today for more information on floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets – we look forward to hearing from you.

From Nicholas Bridger himself –

“I believe in the personal touch. My wealth of expertise in kitchen design has been gained through many years of practical experience in all aspects of a business I love. This means that my customers benefit from advice given by a knowledgeable designer who is passionate about kitchen furniture and customer satisfaction.”