Get your Kitchen Organised for Christmas and ready for the New Year

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At Christmas time the kitchen is the busiest room in the home, as well as throughout the year. We bake more and entertain friends and family so it’s understandable that this room can be challenging to keep well-functional, calm and clutter-free. We have put together a handy blog on creating a perfectly organised kitchen all year round not just for the magical season.

Let’s look at some of our organisation tips and tricks to help you have the best multi-functional family kitchen.

Clearing out your kitchen this Christmas

Have a seasonal clear out in the kitchen. It is essential and helps you know what is exactly in your kitchen cupboards. We all love food bargains and beautiful kitchenware, but it can lead to wastage in the long run as well as cabinets being overfilled.

When you hear the words ‘clearing out’ it can be a daunting task. To help make things easier you want to look at one space at a time, identify the key problems and make a task list ticking as you go.

Create a place for everything. Decide on what you use regularly and which items you occasionally use. How about storing those items that are used less on high shelves and everyday essentials at waist height.

Plan around your lifestyle

We will help you turn a chaotic family kitchen into an organised hub where everything will have a place and is easy to find. Work out what’s important to you at the designing stage – if you’re a keen cool, plan storage around the three main working areas (cooker, sink, fridge), if you love entertaining think about a beautiful bespoke dresser with glass-fronted cabinets to store glasses.

Stick to the minimalist design

Keep the worksurfaces clear as possible for food prep. Make additional space for countertop appliances such as a coffee machine, kettle and toaster. If you are lucky enough to have a large space, incorporate a bi-fold pantry into the design to hide away those small appliances and create a breakfast pantry.

Make a little space on the worktops for a beautiful fruit bowl or a statement vase with fresh flowers.

The breakfast pantry

The breakfast pantry is a great solution to store your entire morning in one convenient kitchen cupboard. Open it up where you will find bulky cereal boxes, teas, coffees, mugs, everyday crockery and small appliances, and the best thing about it is that once you’ve had enough it can be closed up, concealing all the items you don’t want on show.

Put the storage containers to good use

Decant dried good into containers to store in glass-fronted cabinets or on open shelving. Storing ingredients this way allows you to throw away the packaging, freeing up cabinet space. Label everything so you know what is what, it makes life so much easier.

Open shelving

Many homeowners shy away from open shelving because they think it will make the kitchen look untidy, but if done well, it helps open up the kitchen and create a sense of space. Don’t put too much on the shelf, choose a statement piece to add impact by picking your favourite item to display it alone. Or create a shelf that has glass jars stored in a row with the essential ingredients.

Kitchen island storage solutions

Storage underneath the seating area can be a great place to store large pans, baking trays, reserve candle collection, Christmas treats and small appliances that aren’t used all the time.

Design intelligent cabinets

Design cabinets with racks for oils, spices and other everyday ingredients. Creating these shelves at varying heights can keep the items you use every day tidy and easy to locate within your handmade kitchen.

Kitchen bins

Do you like your kitchen design to be streamlined and organised? A simple solution and something we design a lot for our clients, is making an internal bin for recycling as well as everyday waste. We have many internal bin configurations that are expertly concealed in your island or cabinetry.

Bespoke bench seating

Offer somewhere comfy to sit with extra storage amongst the kitchen layout. Use it as a place to gather and eat, or a little nook to indulge in the latest fictional story.

If you like to know more about our bespoke kitchen storage we can design into your available space contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.