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When planning on a new kitchen whether that’s an open-plan space or an extension built especially for a kitchen, creating a mood board for your project will help you to collect kitchen design ideas and keep your mind on the project itself.

Pinterest is a great tool to use to get you inspired in creating your dream kitchen. It helps with the smallest idea, even if you can’t visualise the end result.

Questions that are normally asked…

  • Have you got a certain key colour you want to incorporate into the kitchen design?
  • Have you got a certain style, traditional, classic, modern?
  • Have you got certain personal touches to complete the kitchen with?

By thinking about and answering these questions they point you in the right direction to the design process of that dream kitchen you have always dreamed of.

When creating your mood boards, you can either work on a physical platform such as magazine cuttings, colour swatches and different types of material, or a digital platform such as Pinterest, pinning images of kitchen designs that you love.

A kitchen designer will want to gain an understanding of the style you are after and how the space is going to be used. When preparing for your kitchen showroom visit, planning and researching the project is a great way to help Nick determine your needs, as well as playing an important part in the planning of the perfect kitchen. The more information you can collect on what you’re looking for to bring to the showroom, the better. It can be hard to explain your personal style, so this is why digital mood boards are the easiest way to start.

Pinterest is becoming a popular tool with interior designers and homeowners. You can upload your own inspiration and create pins on a mood board, or save pins from brands and kitchen designs that you love. A digital platform where all your images are in one place will help you and the kitchen designer to develop your dream kitchen in the space you have.

Below in the Winchmore Hill project, the whole entire space was filled with handmade furniture from Nicholas Bridger to create a luxurious living space. Our client carefully chose the finishing touches to work in symmetry with the colour scheme and offer a visual appeal to all who enters.

Start with several Pinterest mood boards named individually that’s specific for cabinet colours, kitchen layouts, kitchen storage and appliances you have in mind. Once these boards begin to develop, common trends will start to show up giving you ideas of other themes and styles that you may not have thought about.

When designing these boards it’s best to add descriptions, this will help the kitchen designer pick up on ideas that you are interested in more easily. With regards to taps, certain colours, or handle finishes that you have pinned on their own you need to let the kitchen designer know that this is what you are thinking of for your dream kitchen.

Setting a budget and remembering the space you have is key. If you have a smaller kitchen with an L-shaped kitchen layout, try finding inspiration through Pinterest on this type of kitchen layout. You can, of course, implement kitchen design ideas from more bigger spaces, but you have to remember what can be achieved in the space you have and what can’t.

Within Pinterest, there is a special tool called the visual discovery tool. It helps you to instantly search for similar ideas to the ideas that you have already loved. You can zoom into the picture and search for specific items such as kitchen barstools, handles, lighting or dishware.

Below in our modern shaker we designed and built for a property in Chigwell, Essex, we implemented a portable “island” to the space which works perfectly for this narrow L-shaped kitchen. A fixed island in this space wasn’t an option, so this allows our client to be able to position the practical worksurface wherever they want within the beautiful space they have.

When you have all your separate boards and you are happy with your ideas, simply narrow the pins down to a final board so the kitchen designer can clearly see your vision. Under each picture write a description about why you like this idea, this will help to show your creative flair and the inspiration behind it.

There are many avenues to take when designing the perfect kitchen space. Pinterest is a great place to start showing the kitchen designer exactly what you are after and trying to achieve. Contact us today here at Nicholas Bridger where your kitchen renovation journey can start with our expert kitchen designers to bring your kitchen design ideas to life, and a handmade kitchen that is just as beautiful as you thought.