The Great British Bake Off has entered our screens for the 10th year running with a baker’s dozen (13, one more than previous years). Here at Nicholas Bridger we do love watching The Bake Off and the recipes inspire us to bake up a delight in the kitchen, so you will certainly find us cosied up on the sofa getting inspired from the scrumptious recipes this year’s bakers will be baking. Watch this space…

To celebrate the Bake Off this year we have put together a few ideas of how to keep your kitchen fun and friendly when baking this autumn with the children and from a range of ultimate appliances from a world-leading manufacturer known as Sub-Zero Wolf.

The first week of the Bake Off this year started their 10-week journey with a test to bake the birthday cake they wish they had as children. Week two was biscuit week and week three was bread week. Below we will show you one of our bread recipes created in our very own showroom, with a delightful cookie recipe, and an oozing chocolate fondant by Lucy-Jo – Foodie.

Creating a kitchen space that inspires children to bake is a fabulous way to get them away from the TV, computer games and social media, with them learning a skill that will last a lifetime.

Our client in London with the help from us created the perfect child-friendly kitchen space, providing a fun and friendly area where their children can get involved in all baking aspects.

We believe cooking appliances from Wolf are the perfect complement to your kitchen allowing you to get delicious results every time and create a design statement in your striking handmade kitchen. They are also child-friendly. We are proud to be premier dealers of these stunning, robust appliances. Wolf appliances are among the best in the world and used by top chefs, guaranteed to operate at the highest level of accuracy and reliability for the best possible results for your food.

You may have seen in previous posts how a Wolf Warming Drawer is ideal for proofing bread dough. A Wolf Warming Drawer has a special function for proving dough which allows the dough to rise quickly and reliably every time.

The Wolf Convection Steam Oven is a versatile cooking instrument that allows you to do things that you have never thought was possible when cooking. It allows you to discover more nutrients and experience a new delicious way of cooking. The unique digital technology within the oven senses the amount and size of the food being prepared and automatically adjusts the details of the cooking process to achieve results never before accomplished at home.

Diane’s Rosemary & Sea Salt Focaccia Bread

Diane demonstrated this delicious bread recipe with the M-Series 762mm wide multifunction oven on Bake mode, the Wolf 762mm Warming Drawer/Proofing drawer, Wolf Induction Hob and Wolf Downdraft Extractor.

Foccacia bread on chopping board with Wolf M-Series oven

Diane’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Diane demonstrated a tasty Peanut Butter Cookie recipe with the M-Series 762mm wide multifunction oven – the oven is used on convection mode.

Wolf M-Series peanut butter cookies

Lucy-Jo’s Chocolate Fondants

Lucy-Jo demonstrated a scrumptious recipe of oozing Chocolate Fondants. Lucy used the Wolf Convection Steam Oven and the Wolf Induction Hob, not forgetting to mention the artisan Kitchen Aid in prestige red that glistens against the Wolf signature red knobs on the oven.

A kitchen island with plenty of workspace is perfect to get ready for a bake-off. It allows you to prepare with ease and store the key essentials in a handy place. If you haven’t got quite the space for an island, a good length of clear worktop giving plenty of elbow room is just as good.

Our client in Winchmore Hill below with the help from us designed the ultimate island in their kitchen design. Plenty of kitchen storage and worktop space to be a star baker in their very own home.

A bin close by is key when baking as it allows you to wipe away the mess easily and quickly. At Nicholas Bridger, we can design waste bins into your kitchen island that hideaway from view, blend seamlessly within the handmade kitchen furniture and provide you with the ultimate convenience.

Our project below in Winchmore Hill was designed with style in mind, but also to benefit a multi-functional area. We incorporated a general waste and recycling centre in one side of the island to provide our client with an area just for the rubbish, freeing up floor space to keep to the minimalist style our client has gone for.

To create a free socket zone in the kitchen consider a bank of sockets known as the ‘pop up socket’. It rises from the worktop when you need it and retracts neatly flush against the surface when not in use. These are ideal for the island.

Allocate special cupboard space for your key baking appliances such as mixers, cake tins and measuring jugs. If you have a lovely coloured KitchenAid which are used in the Bake Off, you will probably want that kept out to create a design feature in the hub of the home, just like our client below in Bishop’s Stortford.

To add to the baking experience a Wolf Induction Hob is a great addition. These are safe for children as they lock when not in use and only heat the area you are using, meaning there’s less chance of little fingers burning. It allows you to melt chocolate without the aid of a bain-marie due to the true simmer setting that holds sauces below boiling.

A prep sink also comes in handy to help keep hands clean and the baking mess under control to just one area in the kitchen. They are ideal for an island if you have enough room and create the perfect kitchen layout for that cooking afternoon.

Contact us today at Nicholas Bridger to get you bake off ready in a handmade kitchen you have always dreamed about – we look forward to hearing from you.