In the modern home today, the kitchen is the most used space, where preparing of food, drinking, eating and socialising is common place. It is essential the finish of the furniture can stand the test of time, while adding that stunning character only found with handmade and hand painted kitchens.

So what is a hand painted kitchen?

Hand painting a kitchen is a bespoke and luxury choice of finish. It is becoming more and more popular as the years go on, following trends from the USA especially with the big paint manufacturers such as Farrow & Ball enjoying massive following on social media.

Hand painting provides a beautiful, natural appearance with a tactile feel with every millimeter of the kitchen with beautiful attention to detail. Any imperfections are resolved quickly and easily by our skilled craftsmen.

How does hand painted compare to a spray/factory finish?

Hand painting with a brush has many advantages over a spray or factory finish.

  • Spray finish can look plasticy – due to the way the paint is applied along with a lacquer it can look almost fake.
  • Spray finish cannot be repaired – you can’t simply sand down and re-apply paint to damaged areas
  • Spray finish more easily chips – with a spray finish the paint can come away from the wood more easily, this is more noticeable over time

So how is hand painting with a brush more beneficial?

  • Hand painted looks natural – the brush applies the paint in accordance to the natural grain of the wood and is applied in a more direct way
  • Hand painted is future proofed – your painted kitchen is future proofed as you can simply sand down and repaint the kitchen
  • Hand painted finish can be easily repaired – if you notice scuffs or chips you can simply sand down the affected area and apply paint with a brush!

What colours are available?

A hand painted kitchen comes with many great advantages, but one of the best things about it is that it gives you a complete and almost unlimited choice of colours. For example if you have seen a certain a colour from Farrow & Ball you are in awe with, here at Nicholas Bridger we can paint your kitchen furniture in that exact colour.

The hand painting process

We hand-paint on-site once the kitchen has been built. This is a beautiful brush-on finish that follows the wood grain perfectly while protecting the solid wood beneath it. We use specialist paint from respectable paint companies such as Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, Crown, Sandersons and Paint & Paper Library.

Will you be daring enough to go a bold blue, or a fiery red, or keep to a cool grey, or blank canvas to add pops of colour to? Show your imagination throughout your kitchen design and let us hand paint your handmade kitchen in the colour of your choice.

As you scroll on down you will see many of our clients opting for many different colours within their handmade kitchens.

Beautiful Bold Blues

Potters Bar – Classic Shaker project

In our Potters Bar project we have created a lovely rich look with Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue on our handmade furniture. Stiffkey Blue is an inky navy that is named after Norfolk beaches, where mud and cockles share a particular deep navy hue. This colour has certainly provided a rich dramatic space in the country with the natural elements of the wood.

Sheering – Classic Shaker project

In this unique design in a pool house the furniture was hand painted in Blue Depths by Colourtrend, which is a stunning sea blue that contrasts against the brass handles and knobs beautifully. The light hues of the worktops and flooring brings it altogether.

Black Beauty

Woodford Green – Classic Shaker

Our handmade furniture in the Woodford Green project has been hand painted in Railings from Farrow & Ball. The colour is a soft black with blue undertones, and has been made to produce statements in the kitchen space. This dark hue has certainly transformed the room into a dramatic and enveloping space with industrial elements.

Bishop’s Stortford – Traditional Shaker

Our traditional shaker in Bishop’s Stortford has been hand painted in a two-tone colour scheme consisting of light and dark hues. The L-shaped kitchen is found with a dark blue colour from Farrow & Ball known as Black Blue. The shade contains deep pigments which is very sophisticated for this traditional style with wooden elements.

Glamourous Greys

Potters Bar – Traditional Shaker project

A two-tone grey is used in this traditional kitchen with Blackened and Down Pipe both from Farrow & Ball. The dramatic grey of Down Pipe has been hand painted on to the island to make an instant impact in the kitchen, while a cool white known as Blackened makes up the rest of the kitchen units. An effortless transtition between light and dark grey hues has been created.

Hadley Wood – Classic Shaker project

Another two-tone grey kitchen has been produced by Nicholas Bridger, but this time on a classic shaker. The same colours have been used for the units, where the kitchen island creates a statement piece in the home using Down Pipe, and the rest of the kitchen hand painted in Blackened. The layers of grey in this hub of the home create a cohesive feel and a stunning open-plan space.

Natural Neutrals

Matching Tye – Classic Shaker project

This classic shaker has been hand painted in an understated grey known as Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball. The popular versatile colour fits perfectly within the historic property which dates back to the 1800s, and provides a warm and airy space. We love the exposed wooden beams!

Epping – Classic Shaker project

A kitchen full of Sub-Zero Wolf appliances met with the fabulous Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball hand painted on to the cabinets. This fabulous chef-like kitchen will host the perfect dinner parties, and will be loved for many years to come. The high-end appliances stand out against the light hues of the Cornforth White making it feel and be a professional kitchen. Celebrity chefs would love this!

Rich Reds

Sawbridgeworth – Classic Shaker project

A spacious kitchen in Sawbridgeworth has been finished with a two-tone colour scheme of grey and red. The island was destined to be a main attraction in this hub of the home, and our client chose Rectory Red from Farrow & Ball. Rectory Red is a rich clean red that is a warming colour, and certainly creates a welcoming feel in this large open-plan room.

Plush Purples

Nicholas Bridger Showroom

Our showroom was recently updated this year with three of our kitchen designs hand painted in different colours for you all to look at. The island was made to be centre of attention with a beautiful deep sophisticated aubergine colour. The colour we chose was Brinjal from Farrow & Ball.

Contact us today to talk about your colour preferences and design ideas for a handmade bespoke kitchen that is personal to you.