Handleless kitchens are a growing in popularity and they are becoming a sought after upgrade/addition to a modern day kitchen. Handle-less kitchens integrate space, style and practicality, with innovative design and minimalistic storage options; this is why many more people are opting for a handleless kitchen. Here at Handmade Kitchen Company by Nicholas Bridger, we supply and fit a wide range of handleless doors, cupboards and furniture to suit all budgets and requirements.

The most popular feature of the handleless kitchen is the space-saving option and minimalistic look. Doors, cupboards and furniture with handles can be unsightly and troublesome. It is inevitable that you will catch items of clothing or bags on handles at some point. It can be frustrating when you tear clothing or end up with a nasty bruise, they can also be unquestionably dangerous- especially for small children. A toddler or small child is at great risk from handles poking out; they can catch their small heads or bodies on them and cause injury. They are also dangerous for older babies, as handles make it easy for curious little hands to open cupboards and gain access to dangerous substances. When babies are learning to walk, they tend to pull themselves up using handles and this can lead to cupboards swinging open or trapped fingers. This is one of the reasons why handleless kitchens are a popular choice for families with children.

Another popular feature of a handleless kitchen is space saving and storage. Handleless doors and cupboards can hide a variety of appliances such as the fridge, bin, oven, dishwasher etc.

A handleless kitchen is the optimal choice for saving space and optimising other areas of the kitchen such as the dining area. Handleless kitchens are a popular choice for those who like open plan living areas. If you are thinking about combining the dining area and kitchen into one open space, a handleless kitchen can make this transition smoother and hassle free. At Truly Bespoke Kitchens by Nicholas Bridget Essex, we can help you with your kitchen to dining room transitions. We are a highly skilled supplier and fitter of handleless kitchens and work with you from start to completion to help you achieve your ultimate handleless kitchen.

Another great benefit of the handleless kitchen is the improved hygiene qualities. The dirt on handles can go unnoticed but behind the scenes, handles pick up all sorts of dirt and grime. Handleless doors and cupboards are more hygienic due to the obvious fact- there are no handles. It also means less cleaning and trying to scrub awkward grooves and stubborn corners.

There are a few different options when it comes to handleless cupboards and doors. The most common ones are:

Push to Open/Tip on doors
Most standard cabinet or cupboard kitchen doors can be fitted with this handleless system. An installation of a special mechanism inside the cabinet allows door operation either electronically or manually. The mechanism allows the door to spring open when you push the middle of the cupboard or cabinet.

J Groove/ Integrated Handle
J Groove doors or integrated handles, is the cheapest option to achieve a handleless kitchen. A scooped-out section at the top corner of a cabinet door (the bottom corner for wall cabinets) forms the handle. The scooped-out corner is almost invisible; it allows you to slide your fingers in to the corner to open the cupboard or door.

Key Benefits if a Handleless Kitchen

  • Space-Saving and optimisation
  • Minimalistic and contemporary look
  • More hygienic
  • Safer
  • Stylish

Handleless kitchens boast ultimate style, featuring high gloss doors and snazzy hidden appliances; giving your kitchen a modern and minimalistic look. We pride ourselves on bringing you quality handleless kitchen furniture and appliances; giving your kitchen the sense of style and elegance, it deserves. If you would like to know more about handleless kitchens in Essex, then please contact us and we will be be happy to discuss any needs or requirements you may have.