When it comes to the kitchen, the pantry is one of the most sought after features any homeowner will want to introduce in their home. This trend has been going for many years and we expect it to continue. The larder used to be a place to store all of the food items with a cold slab to keep butter and meats cold, long before fridges were invented.

In recent years the pantry has become so versatile, where it has been a place to store more than just food. The breakfast pantry has been designed as well as a day one. Pantries are such a stylish feature to your kitchen and if you have the available space you can include one, no matter what size or style it is.

We have designed so many handmade pantries over the years from walk-in larders to day and breakfast pantries, fitting within the available space.

Below we show you different options of pantries and how we have created them into our client’s dream kitchen.

Freestanding Pantry

A freestanding pantry is a great addition to the kitchen, giving you lots more storage whilst looking beautiful too. You can opt for this to be in another colour from the rest of the kitchen to make it create a feature and bold statement within the hub of the home.

In this property that’s found nestled in the village of Hatfield Broad Oak, one corner is filled with a freestanding pantry that’s been hand-painted in Basalt 221 by Little Greene. Our client opted for a two-tone colour scheme where the pantry and island became features in the open-plan space, hand-painted in a darker hue which is a timeless blue-black. It sits wonderfully underneath the triangular-shaped window.

This larder is filled with wooden shelves and spice racks either side providing huge storage space for food. It also comes complete with three solid oak drawers that can be used for linen and other kitchen essentials.

Walk-in Pantry

A kitchen may have a room off of it that is used for cleaning supplies or a place to store other essentials such as white appliances. Why not add shelves to this to create a larder that is easy to use and stores everything in one place. It also means fewer cupboards in the main kitchen making it appear bigger and saving you costs in the long run.

Our client in Billericay had the perfect cupboard to make into a great walk-in-pantry. Solid wooden shelves were built around the room at equal heights to fit even the tallest of bottles. It’s styled so well it makes it easy selecting the ingredient for that perfect dish. The same flooring flows through allowing the whole kitchen space to come together.

Breakfast Pantry

The breakfast pantry is a great storage space to keep the toaster, coffee machine and everything you need to hand to create that incredible breakfast area that is hidden away but instantly accessible.

This double pantry cupboard in our project in Whetstone not only provides our client with additional storage but a countertop that is revealed when the doors open up. This acts as a ‘cold shelf’ where the toaster is perfectly positioned to make it the ideal prep area for the start of the day. The door racks are a nice little touch to store bags of tea, coffee and biscuits.

Day Pantry

The day pantry has become increasingly popular in the kitchen design today and a loving element to a Nicholas Bridger handmade kitchen. It’s a handy spot to keep all cooking ingredients all in one place and adds to the multi-functional style. You can also keep it stocked up with doubles of something you use all the time.

In the Potter’s Bar project the day pantry has been incorporated into the utility room within this property, which is just off the main kitchen. Its design is floor-to-ceiling with shelves equally positioned. To make it even easier to select those ingredients, our client has stored a lot of the dry goods in sealable containers.

Sliding out pantry

This is a great kitchen pantry design where it can be situated next to a refrigeration system to allow dry and cold goods to be together in the same area making it easy for our client to prepare and cook that tasty mid-week meal.

In this stunning teal kitchen layout in Theydon Bois, a sliding out pantry fits perfectly within the long and fairly narrow space. It allows our client to easily select that dry ingredient they are looking for and adds to the home decor.

Cupboard Style Pantry

The larder cupboard doesn’t have to be floor-to-ceiling, you can create it in any size area amongst the kitchen furniture. Just like the project below in Hadley Wood.

This handmade bespoke larder situated opposite the kitchen island has been completed in our classic shaker style and filled with shelves. Two drawers sit below to store linen and other items that may not be used all of the time.

If you would like to know more about how to incorporate a handmade pantry into your home call us today – we look forward to hearing from you. We have many styles and designs available that will fit within your kitchen style and work with your busy daily life.