Mindfulness seems to be a hot topic these days, and it certainly isn’t a new concept. It might seem the latest fad, but it’s been helping people for centuries. It was first used in Buddhist meditation and is thousands of years old. It’s main purpose is to allow you to become more present in everyday life and everyone around you.

With our lives getting busier each day and filled with many distractions, creating a lifestyle that encourages wellbeing for you and your family has never been so important, and the home is a great starting point. The kitchen plays the role of being the heart of the home, where most activities take place, it can often be hard to find the balance between personality and functionality. So a perfect kitchen design that isn’t cluttered or chaotic will create an ideal relaxed space helping you to practise everyday mindfulness at home.

Energising and vibrant tones of yellow are great for kitchens, but opting for paler, muted tones will help to give your kitchen a mindful refresh. Blue is found to be a popular choice where it is a naturally cooling and calming colour that’s connected to the sky, water, and associated with clear thinking and calm, meditative environments.

Here at Nicholas Bridger Handmade Kitchen Company we have collected the ideal ways in creating a mindful kitchen, with peaceful interiors and a relaxed space for entertaining.

Calming hues

Adding calming hues such as blue can help a complex and busy world feel much more simpler and bring a sense of calm to the kitchen space. As previously stated blue is a naturally calming shade that’s connected to the sky and water. Adding different blue hues to the space, will inject a sense of calm to your kitchen space, while also giving a classic and effortless look.

Our client below chose our Classic Shaker style and wanted a relaxed and calm blue hue added to the kitchen cabinets. We hand painted the solid wood cabinets in Stiffkey Blue from Farrow & Ball, which is an inky navy blue named after the Norfolk beach where the mud, along with the cockles, share a particular deep navy hue. This colour creates a richly dramatic space with a more contemporary finish.

Add green to the kitchen

Indoor plants will decorate your kitchen in an attractive way creating a beautiful relaxing space all with purifying the air making it alot healthier that’s perfect for you and your family. You can also easily grow herbs in your kitchen space that’s great in cooking healthy dishes, but also serve as natural beauty in your homes décor.

Plants such as Aloe Vera and Peace Lillies in particular purify the air, and if planted in bowls and mugs they will look more integrated into the kitchen design, giving a more personal, homely look.

Below our client in Potters Bar added lots of greenery to their very large open-plan kitchen. With three areas to the space, our client and their family can all enjoy a healthier space in a very beautiful setting that’s ideal for mindfulness. We wouldn’t mind relaxing in this beautiful country retreat!

A place for everything

Having lots of kitchen storage with extra shelves can keep your kitchen mindful and the items at hand. This makes it both functional and beautiful, as well as having jars of healthy pulses and wholegrains to remind you to look after yourself and your body.

Our client below in Harringay wanted to create a large pantry cupboard in their bespoke kitchen with a neat organisation of kitchen ingredients and essentials.

Social features to create mindful moments and that are good for the soul

Having friends and family round to entertain is the best way to be present and mindful. Incorporating a kitchen island into the middle of your kitchen is the perfect feature to combine functionality and entertaining, making your kitchen the perfect relaxation room for yourself, and anyone who enters. Create sharing dishes using large wooden boards, they create a wonderful centrepiece for relaxed dining and allows your guests to feel more at home by serving themselves.

Our client below in our Bishop’s Stortford project created a perfect entertaining space using their island as the main focal point and a place to sit over a glass of wine.

At Nicholas Bridger we build bespoke beautiful kitchens in perfect kitchen layouts to suit your space. A handmade kitchen adds character to your home and an understated style that will last for many years. Contact us today to find out more on a dream kitchen that will suit all your needs – we look forward to hearing from you.