Updated – 15/03/19

Granite is a fantastic product to use as countertops in a kitchen as well as a handmade kitchen. They are a traditional luxury style of worktop where every slab is unique due to the material being 100% natural. Granite is a hard stone that has been formed by nature over hundreds of millions of years from the Earth’s molten core. It is mainly made from minerals, quartz and feldspar to create the beautiful stone.

By combining the hard-wearing properties from a Granite product and a timeless style, granite always makes an excellent choice in a handmade hub of the home. We will show you some examples below of our work that has been finished with a granite product.

There are many benefits to having a granite work surface.

  • It is durable and long lasting
  • Many colours and styles are available to suit the style of your handmade kitchen
  • Granite is heat, scratch and stain resistant
  • Low-maintenance and anti-bacterial properties are why granite is a much loved product
  • It certainly is unique by nature

The two different finishing options available for granite products:

  1. A high shine polished surface that brings out the colours and shine from the stone’s natural crystals.
  2. A honed surface that is polished and buffed to create a flat, low-sheen surface.

How granite has worked in some of our handmade kitchen styles

Granite in a Classic Shaker Style Kitchen

Below is our classic shaker kitchen style that has been hand painted in a two-tone scheme of light and dark colours, and finished with the Honed African Granite Worktop and a Solid Wood Island. The honed finish of this granite creates an aged and casual look for the traditional style, with a textured surface, and a slate finish that is very appealing. It also gives off a classic monochrome style, and matches perfectly with the oak island top.

Granite in a Tongue and Groove Traditional Style Kitchen

Below is a traditional country style kitchen, which oozes rustic charm and is hand painted in an apple green and a white that features the Cosmic Black granite. It is a black high-shine polished stone, with beautiful streaks of gold, white and silver crystals. It complements white cabinetry and is a great choice for a traditional style kitchen. The shimmering streaks within will give the kitchen the sparkle it deserves. The colour of the granite also brings to life the hand forged hinges & handles that have been designed into this timeless handmade style.

Granite in our showroom

In our recent showroom update we replaced the island which was a contemporary high gloss wood veneer and featured a grey quartz. Now the new island is our Traditional shaker hand painted in Farrow & Ball Brinjal – the island now features this stunning luxury Granite known as Cosmic White.

Some examples of other Luxury Granite slabs available

Take a look at the gallery of images below which show some of the many Granite styles available in the market.