How to Choose one of the Eight Beautiful Finishes from Perrin & Rowe

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Perrin & Rowe are renowned for their beautiful British products ranging from kitchen and bathroom taps to sinks.

Eight finishes are available for the brassware, so we take you on a guide of each one and how they will fit into your handmade kitchen and home. We have supplied and fitted many Perrin & Rowe products to our projects, as you will see below.

Perrin & Rowe was built from a friendship where two men shared a passion for making things. More than 40 years ago in East London, with not much money and a factory that was a garden shed, a partnership was made and Perrin & Row was born.

The Perrin & Rowe finishes


The Chrome finish is the hardest and most durable finish which has been electroplated to the brass. It is described as a brilliant silver with a hint of blue. This classic finish suits all types of brassware and requires little day-to-day maintenance.

The sink and tap collection here from Perrin & Rowe are impressive and beautiful. We supplied and fitted them to our Bishop’s Stortford project, to create a much-loved sink area that provides a multi-functional spot for all the family. A boiling tap is featured as well as a hand wash station – soap dispenser.

In our exquisite traditional shaker style kitchen, we designed and built in Winchmore Hill our furniture has been pushed to the limit within this large open-plan space. This stunning sink area features a polished chrome Perrin & Rowe Parthian Single Lever Sink Mixer tap, pull-out rinse and an Instant Boiling tap. There is so much light and space with the light quartz worktops either side and the drop-down window.


The Nickel finish consists of a more delicate look and can change over time as it reacts with its environment. It is a shiny finish like chrome and has been electroplated. The golden glow within can be described as a ‘champagne colour’, with the warm tones suiting both traditional and contemporary models beautifully.


The Pewter finish is brushed nickel with a matt appearance. It can also react to the environment, but the finish can be restored using a Pewter pad which is available. This finish is a lovely alternative to classic chrome, giving you a desirable different look, but with a similar level of maintenance.


The Gold finish is made from real 24 carat gold in a soft finish which should be treated like a piece of fine jewellery. Gold is traditionally chosen for more classic styles, and we are seeing it more in contemporary designs where it looks totally beautiful.

English Bronze

The English Bronze finish is another delicate look from the range which has been created using a high quality, lacquer coating ‘baked’ onto the surface of the brass. It is a soft finish so it needs to be looked after well to avoid the surface from scratching. Orange tints are found within and is the darkest finish of them all.

The ‘living’ brass finishes

The ‘living’ brass collection offers a raw finish, with the ‘living’, meaning they will develop their own unique patina as they react with the environment and daily use. This range is ideal for creating a vintage feel. Spots and marks may be visible from day one, or it may take longer for the surface to change – it is completely dependant on its surroundings.

  • Polished Brass

The Polished Brass finish is raw and unlacquered. It has a shiny appearance and has been hand-polished. It will change within the environment and daily use which is why Perrin & Rowe describe it as the ‘living finish’.

  • Satin Brass

The Satin Brass finish is also raw and unlacquered. It has been brushed for a matte appearance, with it changing as it reacts with its environment and daily use.

  • Aged Brass

The Aged Brass finish is another raw look which is unlacquered and will change as it reacts with its environment and daily use. This finish is not available on bathroom products.

Take a look at this beautiful wall-mounted Perrin & Rowe Aged Brass tap and Fireclay double butler sink at our Bishop’s Stortford project. We built a custom panelled extension to the wall to ensure a perfect reach of the spout into the sink, it just looks that extra bit special too!⠀

Has this exceeded all your dreams?

The cabinets are from our Modern Shaker range in a two-tone colour scheme – Black Blue and Shaded White both from Farrow & Ball.

For our Golders Green project, a high level of design detail and finish has been achieved across the whole of the kitchen which emphasises the dark blue Railings colour from Farrow & Ball and the brass hardware.

Aged brass taps such as the 3-in-1 Polaris tap on the island and an instant boiling tap provide a separate work space area to the Parthian single-lever mixer tap on the wall side.

If you would like to know more about the different finishes of Perrin & Rowe and how the British products can work within your kitchen design, contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.