How to get a Quote for a New Kitchen During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Dear reader,

We hope that firstly you are safe and well and are taking the Government advice to stay indoors and work from home where possible. We must help the NHS to achieve the best possible outcome for the country.

We are in the middle of completing kitchen builds for our clients and will continue to do this until the Government instruct us otherwise. After-all there would be little worse than being stuck at home without a working kitchen.

You might think the world has come to an end

You might be at home thinking about your home and the kitchen in particular

Why don’t you take the time to reflect on what is good and bad about your home and look at what advantages there would be to improving your kitchen?

We are still able to work with you remotely to discuss your kitchen and help you to get the best result for when you are ready and the country is ready to carry on.

Please provide us with any of the following and we can take it from there. You can email, WhatsApp or send this via our website form included below.

  • Photographs of your space
  • Architects plans
  • Other plans or quotes you may have had

Below are the ways in which you can engage with us


Phone: 01279 506 616

WhatsApp: 07970 460072

Website Enquiry Form:

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