ILVE has been building beautiful cooking appliances for over 50 years, using the latest methods in precision engineering and on-going technical research into cooking science. ILVE are at the forefront of the industry and are established as one of the finest manufactures of cooking products worldwide. They provide efficiency, functionality and specialised cooking to the modern home. Located near the magnificent Italian city of Venice, these products are assembled by hand from the finest materials.

At ILVE they offer an extensive collection of built-in appliances with an exceptionally high level of detail, reliability and functionality. There are many styles, colours and sizes to choose from and you will be sure to find an appliance suitable for your home.

The new collection called Panoramagic features two new built-in ovens in two different widths that have a futuristic style and a red LED backlit knob. A gorgeous black glass and stainless steel finish make up the sleek look that’s suitable for both traditional and modern homes. They will look wonderful within one of our Nicholas Bridger handmade kitchens.

ILVE 60cm Panoamagic TFT Oven

The 60cm Panoamagic oven features a 4.3″ full touch display which controls all functions, the E3 precise temperature control and child lock. It consists of a single oven with a choice of 15 oven functions. A quick start option gets the oven temperature up to 200°C in 6 minutes and ranges from anywhere from 30°C to 320°C degrees. The steam release system lets you control the moisture of your food and prevents and unwanted condensation. It also includes an electric cooking probe.

ILVE 90cm Panoamagic TFT Oven

The 90cm Panoamagic oven includes all the features of the 60cm one just a difference in size. The triple-glazed glass door uses a soft closing system and the easy-clean enamel lining helps keep the internal cavity in pristine condition.


If you would like to know more on the ILVE built-in ovens to add to your kitchen design contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you.