Introducing… In-frame Slab style

We are pleased to offer you one of the latest trends for Handmade Kitchens, in the form of an in-frame slab fronted door. A very popular style in the USA now making its mark in the UK. The In-frame Slab Front in Hand painted finish offers a bespoke look to your kitchen and will show individuality throughout.

Many of our clients are on the search for something that is unique and truly individual and this new style certainly does just that. The demand for this new design has soared in recent years and is creating a lot of fresh and exciting ideas to one of the main areas in the home “the hub of the home”.

What are In-frame Slab Doors?

This new style is completely flat fronted with a frame around the door. It means there is a frame that surrounds the opening or drawer front, and the door sits within the frame just like the in-frame style, but with a flat fronted face. The style is normally with handles and not handleless, creating a sophisticated, clean and functional look. They can come in wood grain or a smooth finish which is totally up to you, of course hand painted in a colour of your choice.

The difference between Modern In-frame Slab doors and Traditional In-frame

The in-frame slab doors add more of a modern twist to a kitchen design whereas in-frame shaker style will leave a more traditional and historic feel. Cross rails and delicate beading have been removed within the timber frame to create a fashionable, flat fronted slick style.

In the past, in-frame doors were only an option for clients who were looking for a traditional kitchen, now however this new design concept with a perfect contemporary slab-style door, they can be considered for clients looking for a more modern approach to their kitchen space.

Some of the benefits of going handmade

A handmade kitchen is something truly bespoke and built to order, so with the in-frame slab front style you get a long lasting, stylish, strong, low maintenance kitchen available in a range of colours, custom made to suit your needs. Attention to detail shines throughout this design making it a new look in the hub of the home for many years to come.

The colour palette

There is an extensive range of colours you can choose from. They can be toned up or down depending on your individual taste to more classy and modern or very traditional. We use quality paints from Farrow & Ball, Little Greene Paint Co and the Paint & Paper Library.

Here’s just a few of the colours you can choose from…

All White- Farrow & Ball– A totally pure white that is exactly what it says. It creates a very soft approach and is a contemporary neutral, perfect for both traditional and modern kitchens.

Cook’s Blue- Farrow & Ball– A bright and deeply pigmented colour that is perfect for use in the kitchen and will create a traditional feel as well as be brightened up for a more modern look.

Pavilion Grey- Farrow & Ball– A classic mid grey that will add a contemporary touch and create an illusion of space, also perfect for the modern family home.

All doors will be handpainted on installation in the colour of your choice.

They are a custom made door and you will really see and appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into making this unique design through the colour you choose.

Storage within your in-frame slab front kitchen

The design has the ability to make your kitchen look tidy and organised. Pull out storage such as baskets and carousels can be created within just like in the in-frame styles. Open frame shelves and painted open end units can also be incorporated into the style to make accessible storage spaces as well as adding to an open-plan setting and breaking up the run of enclosed units.

Stylish handles

There is an extensive range of handles you can choose from here at Nicholas Bridger The Handmade Kitchen Company. Long stainless steel t-bar handles are a perfect combination with the flat fronted fascia and will create a new fresh and exciting idea to the kitchen space.

In our newly updated showroom for 2019, our contemporary in-frame style has been designed with stylish handles. This design can also be opted for without handles, much like the Harvey Jones Linear collection. We have hand painted the cabinetry in a light hue known as ‘Elephant’s Breath’ by Farrow & Ball, and included our bespoke Walnut chopping boards and serving tray.

At The Handmade Kitchen Company, we are proud to be able to offer this new design to our clients and show you our ability and craftsmanship throughout this style. With many years of experience, we can design and build your kitchen to your own individual preference which is unique to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or pop down to our stunning showroom to create your show stopping kitchen with the all new in-frame slab door. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here’s our page on our Contemporary In-frame style