Are you looking to create your heart of the home with Industrial style?

Industrial kitchens are functional and stylish that combines the look of a professional kitchen with quirky, factory-inspired touches. When cooking within an industrial style kitchen you can release your inner Gordon Ramsay and enjoy the whole cooking experience. This type of design started off in a work environment several decades ago, but is becoming increasingly popular in homes around the world in recent years. You often see these kitchen styles in restaurants.

With a style that is all about raw textural beauty such as exposed brick work, wood and different metals, it’s a trend that won’t ever go out of style, and will be sure to impress friends and family.

Below we look at ways to incorporate different styles into your kitchen to create the ultimate industrial style.

Cabinetry and Storage

You want your kitchen to be as efficient and multi-functional as a professional kitchen. With a well thought out layout of cabinets and storage, you sure will be able to achieve the look of an industrial kitchen.

One element within the industrial style is to have crockery, utensils and equipment on display. Open shelving units are a great way to maximise storage space and can show off attractive, decorative pieces. Store cupboard essentials in glass kilner jars and store them neatly in a row on the shelves.

At Nicholas Bridger we offer a wide range of storage solutions for your kitchen that will work brilliantly in an industrial style. From open-shelving to tailored storage solutions, we will design storage solutions to suit your requirements. See below for the different storage solutions you could design into your industrial style.


The industrial style focuses on the much loved tiles and brick work, so a solid wooden work surface is a great way to add lots of warmth and character to the space. Check out the projects below we completed with a solid wooden surface.


Creating the ultimate cooking experience in an industrial kitchen space, is having the best equipment and utensils available like a professional kitchen. Black and stainless steel options both look great in this style. We also offer a wide range of Sub-Zero Wolf appliances here at Nicholas Bridger, which are robust, deliver incredible performance, and look great in a hub of the home. Get professional features and build quality to become a chef in your own home. Celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and James Martin even swear by them! Below are some industrial style appliances in our client’s homes.

Sinks and Taps

Stainless steel sinks are hard-wearing and a great choice to add to industrial spaces.

A perfect choice for an industrial kitchen is a stainless steel tap, but we do love a gold brass one. The metallic look these both give fit right into the style. A pull out or spring neck tap you often see in restaurant kitchens will definitely complete the look.

Lighting Fixtures

Pendant lighting is a great way to add to an industrial style. Overhead lighting takes us back to factories and warehouses, so a row of pendant lights are a well suited type of light. Metalic domes and chains of eye-catching rivets are what we like here at Nicholas Bridger. Below are some different types of pendants our customers have chosen to suspend above their kitchen island.

Colour Palette

The colour we think of the most when we think of industrial style kitchens is grey. Grey is a very popular colour to achieve this look, as the dark steel hues within combine with the contemporary sophistication an industrial design has to offer. Exposed brick work and wooden beams will certainly team up with grey.

If grey isn’t the colour for you, a pastel colour is a great alternative to open up the room and present a bigger imagination.

Finishing touches

The accessories within an industrial style are all about metallic finishes. From rich copper to stainless steel they will certainly make a statement in the design. Cabinet and drawer handles are an easy way of adding that metallic sheen to the kitchen area. T-bar and d-shaped handle options are perfect to put a modern twist on the traditional look.

Industrial Styles we have created

Below in our industrial style kitchen in Woodford Green has a lovely little story behind it. The kitchen was originally built 3 years ago for the property’s previous owner, when the kitchen was located more centrally in the home. The new owner of the property built this huge open-plan extension and contacted us to keep the kitchen, as they loved how sturdy and beautiful it is. We adjusted the layout of the kitchen furniture to suit the new space, repainted and fitted new worktops, sink and tap. The space is vast, light and airy with a true industrial feel from the metallics of the polished chrome tap and handles. A perfect ‘kitchen triangle’ has also been created to make the perfect multi-functional home for all the family.

This is a project we completed in Hutton below with an industrial style in mind, and the perfect working triangle. Because the area was rather large we were able to create an ultimate industrial design within the Classic Shaker style. Our client wanted to showcase their exposed brick work and fill the space with metal and concrete-like flooring. The other walls were painted in a neutral colour to soften the look, and an old fashioned clock was added for a statement piece. A sawn oak breakfast bar was built onto the island added with sawn oak chairs. There were different metals used too, such as stainless steel for the large American Fridge/Freezer and Wolf E-Series Professional Built-in double oven. Polished chrome cup handles and polished chrome taps were also added as finishing touches to create a dash of metallic sheen.

To create the perfect industrial style, we use beautiful raw materials which are handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen from scratch. Mortice and Tenon jointed doors and dove tail drawer boxes are some of the traditional methods used in the construction of the cabinetry. Contact us today for more information- we look forward to hearing from you.